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Luxury Travel Perks to Watch Out for in 2023

Luxury Travel Perks to Watch Out for in 2023

Luxury travel continues to be the draw that takes the elite to far-flung corners of every continent. As the creme de la creme of globetrotters looks for more delights around the world, the global luxury travel market hits new highs. now projects a CAGR of 7.5%, going past $2.762 trillion in value by 2032.

Of course, these forecasted numbers are largely driven by consumers who firmly display great credit scores. Upgraded Points notes this market is largely unaffected by hard inquiries, making anyone in the bracket a prime candidate for some of the best perks one can anticipate from luxury travel in 2023.

Exclusive Experiences

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This year is all about experiential travel, with exclusivity being the defining factor that makes the whole thing luxurious. As even the most well-traveled were cooped up in the last few years, 2023 becomes all about finding those elusive encounters that everyone is clamoring to get a glimpse of. And as is the nature of luxury travel, the trend is to create something worthwhile for the select few.

This is going to cover all bases from accommodations to transport and activities. Consider the secluded Andaz Mayakoba Resort in the Riviera Maya, which can only be reached within a private gated complex. In gastronomy, Japan’s Sugalobo is an invite-only haute cuisine experience that fuses Japanese and French dining. And going beyond the confines of the planet, Virgin Galactic has announced that its first commercial flight to space has officially been greenlit for August 2023.

Mindfulness and Peace

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The goal for many travelers is to be disconnected from the fast-paced environment that usually permeates their daily lives. To be unbothered and find tranquility has truly become a luxury in this age of digitalization, so experiences that can provide a reprieve will also take a front-row seat in luxury trends. We’ve already seen the popularity of upscale spas, resorts, and wellness retreats as an answer to this unquenched thirst.

Just look at JW Marriot on Marco Island, which has morning meditation classes and yoga on the beach,  a well-developed spa with the unique “5 Senses” treatment, and a vast stretch of private land where guests can take a moment to relax and forget about everything else for a while. While luxury resorts will obviously be the pillars of this particular travel trend, it’s also expected to see hotels in cities spruce up their own amenities to give that sense of mindfulness and rejuvenation.


Better Booking

The pandemic took a large chunk out of everyone’s schedules and put many plans on hold, so everyone wants to travel now. Although the biggest surge in revenge travel has already passed, the back half of 2023 will still be packed with tourists trying to seize the day. When Forbes Advisor surveyed Americans, around 49% expressed plans to travel more in the coming year.

This means a lot of places getting packed and airlines getting swamped with bookings. In this arena, luxury travel providers answer that issue by providing more perks that just make the whole experience more comfortable. It’s not just about having a spot secured, but also about getting VIP check-in and check-out, personalized concierge services, private airport transfers, exclusive lounges and executive clubs at both airports and hotels, and priority services for various activities.

Releases from Routine

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Finally, the biggest perks that will define luxury travel are the loyalty programs that aid in a release from monotony and routine. Travelers want to explore new places, interact with unfamiliar cultures, and hop from one place to another at their own pace. This is what licensed hotels have and will continue to bank on and offer those willing to indulge.

Loyalty programs and rewards make it all the more enticing to stay at the various Mandarin Oriental or Ritz Carlton hotels dotted across the globe. Accommodations are some of the most common stress factors that sour plans for tourists, so simply having this network is enough to solidify plans to discover new locations and revisit old favorites. With big flagship locations like Geneva getting treated to new suites and facilities, the big clincher is really going to be getting treated to more uniqueness.