Founded in 2010, Luxury Network Inc. is a boutique marketing, business development and publishing firm that provides unique and experiential programs designed to help high-end businesses stand out from the competition and capture the attention of those “hard-to-reach” prospects.


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LUXURY GUIDE | Magalog (Magazine-Catalog)

Luxury Guide is filled with everlasting content that covers every phase of a consumer’s luxury lifestyle – serving as the perfect all-in-one, yearlong resource guide.  Our Bucket List theme offers over 100 inspiring things to do, places to see, and experiences to try.  Plus, you will be inspired by our variety of features from home & design, real estate, art, travel, yachts, cars, gift ideas & more – Why do the Research, We’ve Done it For you!

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We connect complementing business professionals through our network events, activations and executive meetings to create cross-industry referrals and strategic collaborations that result in win-win opportunities.

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Every year, I have big plans to do more, see more, and travel more. And as each year passes by, the only boxes I ever seem to be checking off are those on my work to-do list! They say, “When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I have been fortunate to do what I love—maybe sometimes too much! I have recently accepted that I am officially a workaholic and the first thing I am adding to my 2023 Bucket List is to actually Start a Bucket List.

At the end of 2021, I made a drastic decision: After 10 years of publishing bimonthly, and then quarterly, I converted Luxury Guide into an annual resource guide covering a variety of timeless topics that our readers would want or need at various times of the year. In lieu of printing our publication quarterly, I increased our digital content, thinking it would be a breeze. I was so excited that I would finally be free of the printer’s daunting deadlines that plagued me—boy, was I wrong! I found myself busier than ever trying to keep up with the digital world. The treadmill I was on for years was only accelerated by the demands of instant gratification and an

“I want it now” mentality. Not only was I working harder, I too, lost the joy in what I was doing. I spent hours behind a computer, instead of with people, which is where I find inspiration.

In today’s digital age, where we seemingly can have everything we ever dreamed of at our fingertips, where art and culture and even real estate are finding homes in the “metaverse,” have we lost the desire or ability to experience the beauty of real life?

Although technology can be all too convenient at times, I still believe we find inspiration and ideas offline that we may never have known about to search; plus, it is far more gratifying to experience things when we interact with people and use our five senses. When we check off items from our real-life bucket lists, we become more fulfilled than when we complete tasks from our inboxes.

So, in the spirit of keeping my sanity and my passion for print alive, I decided it was time to be OK with mixing business with pleasure! And as a result, I am excited to share our first-ever, interactive Luxury Guide BUCKET LIST edition where you can take a break from the digital world, pick up a pen and begin using Luxury Guide’s new engaging format to plan your purchases and projects for 2023, from finding the perfect home or building or remodeling an existing one to buying your next car, boat or gift for that special someone! You can peruse our more than 100 ideas of things to add to your bucket list: memorable events, shows, and fairs you always wanted to attend; sites to see that you’ve only read about; experiences that will get your heart racing; resorts that will make your jaw drop; and restaurants where you’ll dine like you’ve never dined before. Memories are the best things we have, so be sure to maintain yours with a little help! After you’ve completed your projects and bucket list experiences, check off, date, and journal important notes so that you can enjoy Luxury GuideLuxury Guide as your lifelong keepsake!

I hope you enjoy reading this inaugural edition as much as I enjoyed producing it. Life is short; we are only on this beautiful Earth for a limited time. So, I invite you to take this first step with me and commit to enjoying all the things it has to offer.

With gratitude,

Lynette Janac
CEO, Editor-in-Chief


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