In our recent 2024 edition, our client “Endless Summer Pools” was inadvertently published as “Endless Pools.” While the updates have been made on our digital platforms, we regret to inform you that there are copies of the publication with the incorrect information that we are unable to change. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your continued support as we work to maintain the highest standards of accuracy in our publications.


Lynette Janac, CEO, Editor in Chief


Founded in 2010, Luxury Network Inc. is a boutique marketing, business development and publishing firm that provides unique and experiential programs designed to help high-end businesses STAND OUT from the competition and CAPTURE THE ATTENTION of those “hard-to-reach” prospects through our print and digital Luxury Guide’s and our business to business networking events and activations.

As businesses continue to compete to STAND OUT in a crowded market—staying relevant, visible and top of mind continues to be a fierce competition and a COSTLY CHALLENGE.

Luxury Guide Transcends the Limitation of a Magazine and a Catalog, offering a HYBRID OF BOTH!

  • Our MAGALOG (magazine-catalog) format showcases our clients products alongside engaging content that covers all facets of a luxurious lifestyle; serving as an ANNUAL, Comprehensive Resource Guide, REFERRED TO ALL YEAR LONG.
  • Our Interactive Bucket List Journal and Yearly Project Planner, inspires frequent use and therefore visibility of your business offerings — much longer than a one-dimensional catalog.
  • Our Strategic Content and format coupled with our hyper-targeted distribution extends you’re your ROI Investment opportunity much longer than any other marketing collateral you will have!
  • Our Clients Benefit by becoming members of Luxury Network, our B2B division where they will have the opportunity to attend our exclusive networking events.  Aside from our events, we also work to cultivate cross-collaborative marketing opportunities that result in expanded warm-lead audience reach at reduced shared costs for all parties involved!


Luxury Guide’s 2024 PROJECT PLANNER & BUCKET LIST Edition

In our digital age, where everything is just a click away, it’s easy to overlook the richness of real-life experiences. While technology offers convenience, it’s offline where we stumble upon unique inspiration and ideas, ones we may never find through online searches. There’s a profound fulfillment in ticking off items from our real-life bucket lists, far more satisfying than completing tasks in our digital inboxes. Take a break from the digital world, grab a pen, and immerse yourself in this engaging format designed to help you plan your purchases and projects. Whether it’s finding your dream home, embarking on home renovation, or selecting your next vehicle, vessel or specical gift, this edition offers over 100 ideas to add to your personal list.  Luxury Guide 2024 edition 

With gratitude,
Lynette Janac
CEO, Editor-in-Chief



Market Partners Exclusive Availability in S. Florida 
As a Market Partner, you will receive your choice of premium COVER placement within the market editions you choose.  Cover options include: Front Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover and Back Cover.
“White-Label” Partners Exclusive Availability anywhere in the U.S.
As a White-Label Partner, you will receive promotion on ALL COVERS within the market editions you choose.  A personalized Luxury Guide will be the longest lasting, most-engaged marketing collateral one will ever have! Best part, you can distribute at high profile locations that you could not promote your own collateral.
Advertorial / Editorial Sponsors Published in ALL editions
Luxury Guide does not feature traditional advertisements within our publication. Instead, all of our placement opportunities and products are presented in an editorial format, woven into a compelling storyline, and meticulously organized in an easy-to-reference resource guide. This approach enhances the reader’s experience, making it more enjoyable and informative.

We offer advertising opportunities via our Website, Subscriber Newsletter and Customized Opt-In Eblast Exclusive and Collaborative Editorial Marketing.

Let use help you create promotional, editorial or interview style video production and marketing to effectively brand your company!
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We facilitate strategic and mutually beneficial Business-to-Business connections and collaborations via our Networking Events and Think-Tank Strategy Meetings.  By request, we will execute Experiential Event Activations dedicated to to specific industry professionals (specializing in Interior Design).

Contact us to learn more: Info@LuxuryGuideUSA.com


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