Lynette Janac, CEO, Editor in Chief

Founded in 2010, Luxury Network Inc. is a boutique marketing, business development and publishing firm that provides unique and experiential programs designed to help high-end businesses STAND OUT from the competition and CAPTURE THE ATTENTION of those “hard-to-reach” prospects through our print and digital Luxury Guide’s and our business to business networking events and activations.

Luxury Guide is our B2C division, transcending the limitations of a traditional magazine.  Our Magalog (magazine-catalog) is published annually, serving as a comprehensive, go-to resource guide for affluent homebuyers and homeowners who are interested in real estate, home décor & design, cars, yachts & luxurious lifestyle. Breaking free from traditional magazine formats, Luxury Guide offers a unique advertising approach.


Interactive Engagement: Rather than conventional advertisements, your company can be featured in our captivating editorial format that is published in all our editions. Our Home Project and Bucket-list Planner encourage hands-on interaction, transforming recipients from mere readers into active participants.
Extended ROI:
Diverse, evergreen content, lead to retention and prolonged use and exposure for your brand, extending your return-on-investment opportunities for years to come.
Tailored Audience Targeting:
Our custom white-label title partner program allows for precise targeting, reaching the right audience at the right time. Our diverse range of edition types is meticulously crafted to cater to various strategic objectives, from enhancing your catalog’s influence to dominating your presence in select city markets to targeting your exact audience.


Luxury Network is our B2B division dedicated to enhancing business growth through strategic networking and unique collaborative “teaser” appointments. Our events, such as “Ice Breaker Cocktails and Connections” and “3-Course Rotational Luncheons,” foster professional interactions and facilitate referrals. While our “Streamlined Sourcing Sessions,” which feature “teaser” and “trailer” appointment presentations and are specifically designed to efficiently connect businesses with interior designers and realtors.



In today’s digital era, where everything is just a click away, it’s easy to miss the richness that real-life experiences offer. While technology provides convenience, it is in the offline world where we forge meaningful relationships and stumble upon unique inspirations and ideas—elements that often elude online searches. Our company philosophy embraces digital advancements but underscores the irreplaceable power of human connections.

Our company operates under two distinct divisions: Luxury Network, our B2B division, fosters genuine connections, referrals, and collaborative opportunities among professionals. Meanwhile, our B2C division, Luxury Guide, connects businesses to consumers through unique, interactive formats within the guide.

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Lynette Janac
CEO, Editor-in-Chief


“White-Label” Luxury Guides – Let us convert your one-dimensional catalog into an engaging Magalog (Magazine-Catalog) that helps you STAND-OUT from the competition or become one of our Title Partners and receive premium cover placements in editions that suit your business needs and are targeted to your precise target audience.

Advertorial Marketing – Let us tell your story in a manner that allows you to engage more frequently and closely with our readers.

Digital Marketing – Let us promote your business on our Website, Newsletter, Custom Eblasts and Social Media.

Business Development & Networking – Join us in our meticulously designed events that convene like-minded professionals across various industries, strategically targeting connections among business professionals serving the affluent consumer base. Where networking is more than just exchanging business cards. It’s about forging meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals. Our  gatherings foster cross-collaboration and mutual business growth, underpinned by our belief in collective work. Participation includes Rotation Business Referral and Collaboration Luncheons, Ice-Breaker Cocktails and Connections, and Virtual Coffee and Conversation Meetings, exclusively open to members of our Luxury Guide Network and invited guests aligned with the group.  For those seeking to connect with Interior Designers or Realtors, our Streamlined Sourcing & Educational Sessions serve the perfect format that gets you directly connected to these professionals. 

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In our recent 2024 edition, our client “Endless Summer Pools” was inadvertently published as “Endless Pools.” While the updates have been made on our digital platforms, we regret to inform you that there are copies of the publication with the incorrect information that we are unable to change. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your continued support as we work to maintain the highest standards of accuracy in our publications.