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Emerging Artists From Around the World

Emerging Artists From Around the World

  • Calling all art connoisseurs! Meet these 8 artists from around the globe that have the art world in a spin.
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Art Piece Name: Decrypted Savants

About the Artist: Born in the Dominican Republic, Samuel Gomez’s aesthetic is marked by extensive usage of universal symbolism and contemporary scientific themes.

Exhibiting gallery: Manolis Projects Gallery in Miami |

@samuelgomezart |



Art Piece Name: Beals

About the Artist: Living in Miami but originally from Cuba, MANO uses a distinctive style that combines mixed media to explore the search for identity that forms part of the immigrant experience.

Exhibiting gallery: American Museum of the Cuba Diaspora in Miami |

@manofineart |


ITALY | Amanda Toy

Art Piece Name: Pink Guernica

About the Artist: Amanda Toy is an Italian-born sculptor, tattooist and illustrator renowned for her colorful and playful art. She claims to find her inspiration in magic, angelic spirits and unicorns.

Exhibiting gallery: Zenith Art & Fashion in Miami |

@amandatoyart  |


UK | Andrew Cotton

Art Piece Name: Picasso

About the Artist: Originally from London, Andrew Cotton is celebrated for his contemporary portraits, urban landscapes and abstract explorations.

Gallery Exhibiting at: New River Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale |

@andrewcottonartist |


SPAIN | Jesús González de la Vega

Art Piece Name: Noray

About the Artist: Jesús González De la Vega is a Spanish expressionist sculptor that is recognized for being meticulous about detail. His work is visceral, raw, dynamic and magical.

Exhibiting gallery: Zenith Art & Fashion in Miami |

@jesusg.delavega |


ARGENTINA | Fernanda Lavera

Art Piece Name: Monkey Mind

About the Artist: Born in Buenos Aires, Fernanda Lavera is known for her bold and colorful symbolic graffiti and large-scale street art-style paintings.

Exhibiting gallery: Manolis Projects in Miami |

@fernandalavera |


VENEZUELA | Yucef Merhi

Art Piece Name: Compassion

About the Artist: Venezuelan-born Yucef Merhi is a pioneering digital artist, as well as a coder, researcher and curator. He’s the first artist to craft art from video game consoles.

Exhibiting Gallery: The Bonnier Gallery in Miami |

@yucefmerhi |


JAPAN | Nimyu

Art Piece Name: Miss Lin

About the Artist: Nimyu’s work questions the credibility of the information that surrounds us, raises awareness of systemic power structures, and encourages self-liberation in a saturated digital landscape.

Exhibiting Gallery: Clear Gallery Tokyo in Tokyo | |


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