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Diez y Seis’ Queso Fundido

Diez y Seis’ Queso Fundido

Diez y Seis’ Queso Fundido - Photo by Angela Conners Treimer for BCV Social LLC
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The Shore Club South Beach’s Latin restaurant Diez y Seis takes taste buds on a culinary journey thanks to Argentine Executive Chef Jose Icardi, whose signature queso fundido is a guest favorite. “This is a must-try dish if you love cheese,” he says. “During one of my first trips to Mexico, I went to a small mom-and-pop restaurant in Oaxaca and watched them make this dish from scratch. We’ve added a Miami twist by incorporating Mexican truffles (huitlacoche) and white truffle essence, which complement the traditional dish, enhancing its flavors while staying true to the original recipe.” 1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305.695.3226;


4 oz Chihuahua cheese (Mexican mozzarella)
1 oz sliced cremini mushroom
0.2 oz shallots (small dice)
1 head garlic
0.1 oz cilantro (chopped)
0.5 oz huitlacoche (corn mushroom or Mexican truffle)
0.1 oz truffle oil
0.2 oz olive oil
0.2 oz micro-cilantro
3 oz crispy corn tortilla

In a 6-8 inch sauté pan on medium heat, add olive oil. Add the cremini mushroom, sliced garlic and white onion and cook at low heat for about 4 minutes. Allow the mushrooms to lose the water and get tender. Add the chopped cilantro and huitlacoche and cook for another 3 minutes at low heat. Allow to cool down and set the oven at 350 F. Add the Chihuahua cheese, then place in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is completely melted. Add the mushrooms in the middle of the melted cheese and cook in the oven for another 3 minutes, allowing the mushrooms to warm. Garnish with cilantro, add truffle oil and finish off with crispy corn tortillas.