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Candela Mamajuana Rum: The Most Sustainable Rum On The Planet!

Candela Mamajuana Rum: The Most Sustainable Rum On The Planet!

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An all-natural rum that is locally sourced, created with renewable energy, in a place that practices energy-saving techniques all while finding ways to reuse and recycle rainwater – that’s a spirit for the eco-conscious!  It’s got an award-winning taste and was called “The Unofficial Drink of the Dominican Republic” by Fodor’s Travel.  The name is Candela Mamajuana Rum

Founder Alejandro Russo believes in leaving every place he goes better than he found it and wanted a spirit that embodied his belief. From production to pour, the super-premium Dominican spiced rum Candela Mamajuana embodies eco-consciousness through and through. 

Everything from sugar cane to spices is locally sourced in the Dominican Republic, each ingredient in the bottle Candela knows where it comes from. These are then distilled through a process exclusively powered by renewable energy. This energy is sourced from the sugarcane bagasse that’s transformed into biofuel at a waste-to-energy plant on the island. Even the aging process conserves energy, following the production of the spirit, the aging warehouse follows suit with natural sunlight lamps and intelligent building materials that naturally cool the building without A/C. The epicenter of Candela Mamajuana also features a rainwater collection system which is purified in the water purification plant.

But the eco-consciousness doesn’t end there, Candela Mamajuana uses and closed loop reusable packaging model thanks to ecoSPIRITS. ecoSPIRITS is a zero-waste distributor, Candela boasts reusable packaging. They’re the first rum of its kind in the US to partner with esoSpirits. Candela is proud to own the exclusively Licensed Operators for EsoSPIRTIS technology in the Dominican Republic. 

In the spirit of making the world a better place, every single case sold contributes a percentage of profits to an Ocean Conservation program in addition to every 1 ecoTOTE depleted, Candela will invest funds to remove 1kg. of plastic out of the oceans. Plus, with ecoSPIRITS as a partner, they’ll be saving 550g of Carbon Emissions per bottle sold. Cheers to that. 

Candela Mamajuana has plugged the islands’ favorite booze back into the mainstream with a beautiful bottle and a delish spiced rum that can stand alone or be the best part of your drinking concoctions. Candela boosts all-natural ingredients and is distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane and rum in its native country, granting the bottle top-shelf priority. Invite the fire of Latin culture into your life with each sip or shot. 

Candela Mamajuana