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Kick off your Fiesta this Cinco de Mayo with a Desolas Mezcal Papito in hand

Kick off your Fiesta this Cinco de Mayo with a Desolas Mezcal Papito in hand

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Cinco de Mayo celebrations are so much more than tequila and tacos. Instead of a tired margarita, how about offering a Desolas Mezcal Papito. It’s a great excuse to try your hand at making a fun cocktail at home without looking basic to guests. The unique female-founded mezcal boasts a non-smokey intro to the world of mezcals with a botanical twist. The spirit lends itself as the perfect non-overbearing ingredient that’ll take your drink from bland to bomb.

Don’t take it from us, renowned mixologist Damiano Coren explains how this fan-favorite came to be, “The Papito takes inspiration from a modern classic cocktail created around 2014 at the Standard East hotel in NYC. The original recipe was made for a customer that wanted a Margarita style drink but not too sour. So, a blend of agave syrup and fresh jalapeños was created to be shaken with tequila and fresh lime juice and served on the rocks with a medium to full-body red wine float. The last touch not only gives a pleasant aesthetic but helps reduce the extra acidity and spiciness, also giving a deeper flavor component to the drink.” It’s time….swap that tired Margarita mix for a refreshing twist that’ll surely inspire everyone at the fiesta.


  • 2oz Desolas Mezcal
  • 1oz Lime juice
  • 0.5oz Hagave Spiced Nectar
  • Top of red wine (~1oz)

Directions: In a shaker pour Desolas Mezcal, Hagave, and fresh lime juice. Add ice and shake until chilled. Once shaking is completed, pour over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with red wine float.


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