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As Featured In Luxury Guide 2024 Luxury Motors on Water | Exploring the Pinnacle of Performance, Elegance and Electrification

As Featured In Luxury Guide 2024 Luxury Motors on Water | Exploring the Pinnacle of Performance, Elegance and Electrification

Luxury Beneteau

As Featured in 2024 Luxury Guide print edition
Curated by Yacht Broker, Mirielle Enlow

Mirielle Enlow Yacht Curator, Luxury Guide 2024
Mirielle Enlow – Yacht Curator for Luxury Guide 2024 featured article.


Get captivated by the superyachts that epitomize luxury and opulence on the high seas. Embrace the elegance of cruise lovers, the adrenaline of speed enthusiasts and the eco-conscious minds of environmentalists. Unveil the world of sailors, the joy of recreation, the thrill of powerboats and the tranquility of fishermen. And discover marine toys that redefine playfulness on the water.


Explore luxury yachts for travelers seeking opulent experiences on the high seas.

198′ Leapher Yachts Explorer
Horizon, a 60-meter polar class explorer, is currently under construction at the newly formed Leapher Shipyard in Holland with a team combining over 130 years of experience and heritage from shipyards such as Feadship, Oceanco and Heesen.
Length: 199 ft.
Beam: 42 ft.
Sleeps: 14 guests + 17 crew
Top Speed: 13 mph
Range: 14,000 nautical miles
Price: $73 million
Delivery date: 2025




145′ Conrad
Using Old World craftsmanship and modern yacht building, Conrad’s flagship, C144S Ace, is the largest luxury superyacht ever built in Poland. Ace is characterized by a straight bow that is altogether superb, sleek and sexy and is now available for international charter.
Length: 145 ft.
Beam: 29 ft.
Sleeps: 10 guests + 9 crew
Top Speed: 15 mph
Range: 5,100 nautical miles




110′ Sanlorenzo SP110
Introducing the 110′ Sanlorenzo SP110, a cutting-edge open series yacht. With exceptional performance, minimal fuel consumption, jet propulsion for efficiency and comfort, and solar panels for power, it’s a new era in yachting. Nominated for the 2023 World Superyacht Awards.
Length: 110 ft.
Beam: 27 ft.
Sleeps: 8 guests + 5 crew
Top Speed: 46 mph
Engines: 3 X MAN V12-2000 hp



Extend luxury yachting with versatile vessels that serve as floating helipads, tender garages, and accommodations for specialist staff or additional guests.



Axis by Damen Yachting
Being the largest support vessel ever built and with quality hardware and perfect finishes, Axis is at the top of its class. Built for Allen Exploration, a private fleet established for ocean discovery and environmental projects, it is the ideal combination of support vessel and explorer. It also carries a Triton submersible and an Icon A5 aircraft.
Length: 181 ft.
Beam: 30 ft.
Sleeps: 4 guests + 12 crew
Top Speed: 22 knots
Range: 5,000 nautical miles

Luxury Damen Yachting



Lynx Yachts YXT 27 Shadow
Built in the Netherlands, the remarkable YXT 27 is a robust platform designed for limitless customization. Solid engineering, naval architecture, and an expansive beach club unlock boundless yachting possibilities.
Length: 88.9 ft.
Beam: 22.9 ft.
Sleeps: 6 guests + 4 crew
Top Speed: 15 mph
Range: 1,800 nautical miles

Lynx Yachts


Ready for some high-performance powerboats that deliver adrenaline-pumping experiences?


52′ Say Carbon Yachts
The Say 52′ is the pioneering all-carbon-fiber yacht in its class, featuring an electric hybrid system for silent boating, exceptional acceleration and agility, and extended range while reducing fuel consumption. It boasts German sports car-like handling, earning it the German Design Award in 2023.
Length: 52 ft.
Beam: 14.4 ft.
Sleeps: 2
Top Speed: 51 mph
Range: 300 miles

Luxury Say 52



Pershing GTX116
Introducing the groundbreaking GTX116, a pioneer in the sport-utility yacht series that redefines deck space, combines the Pershing thrill and sets new standards in sporty luxury and elegant design.
Length: 225 ft.
Beam: 25.4 ft.
Sleeps: 10 guests + 6 crew
Top Speed: 40 mph
Range: 400 nautical miles



Tiara 48LS
Tiara’s 48 LS, the largest outboard-powered yacht in the brand’s lineup, elevates the Luxury Sport series with refined aesthetics, innovative steering and advanced 600-horsepower Verado engines for a remarkable outboard-driving experience.
Length: 48.4 ft.
Beam: 14.2 ft.
Sleeps: 4
Top Speed: 55 mph
Range: 368 miles

Luxury Tiara 48LS 1

The multi-hull market is on the rise. Power cats are more popular than ever, with moderate speeds, reasonable fuel consumption and gorgeous layouts with massive beams that can go nearly anywhere in the world. However, many of the rich and famous still want the beauty of a classic sailboat.



Sunreef Power 80
The Sunreef Power 80 boasts an expansive flybridge with a spa pool, a wet bar and ample seating. The primary suite on the main deck’s bow is a highlight. Its dynamic hull and superstructure provide limitless customization options. Awarded Motor Catamaran of the Year and Best Catamaran at the Oceanway China Yacht Awards.
Length: 78.6 ft.
Beam: 39.4 ft.
Sleeps: 12
Top Speed: 27 mph
Range: 3,500 nautical miles

Sunreef Power 80



StellarCAT AL25-3
The StellarCAT AL25-3, a tri-deck catamaran, offers impressive volume, formidable metal strength and a Lloyds-certified hull for global expeditions. Its spaciousness rivals that of a 145-foot yacht in a much shorter length.
Length: 82.5 ft.
Beam: 38.1 ft.
Sleeps: 12 guests + 3 crew
Top Speed: 27 mph
Range: 2,500 nautical miles

Luxury StellarCat


Balance 620
The 620 is designed for off-the-grid adventure to the most remote places on Earth. It’s a high-performance expeditionary speedster uniquely designed to carry significant cruising payloads without bogging down. Balance innovation came from the desire to make sailing more comfortable in any sort of weather.
Length: 62 ft.
Beam: 38 ft.
Sleeps: 6 guests
Mast Clearance: 90 ft.


Dona Francisca Custom Schooner
Launched in 2014 at Astilleros Buquebus shipyard, Dona Francisca is the world’s largest carbon-fiber schooner at 172 feet. Combining comfort and exhilarating performance, it draws design inspiration from early-20th-century English cutters.
Length: 172 ft.
Beam: 28 ft.
Sleeps: 8 guests
Top Speed: 16 mph

Luxury DONA F Sails up



Fishing was once thought of as a man’s world, but with more women participating in world-class tournaments, the sportfish category has gone luxury.


Viking 90C Sportfish
Honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Viking’s founders set the bar high with the 90C, which boasts a 203-gallon transom fish box/livewell, two 103-gallon in-deck fish boxes, a Seakeeper 35 and a reinforced cockpit sole. Inside, a contemporary main salon, lounge, dining set, bar, six staterooms and seven heads offer peerless comfort and style.
Length: 90 ft.
Beam: 23.2 ft.
Sleeps: 8 guests + 2 crew
Top Speed: 43 mph
Range: 600 nautical miles

Luxury Viking


Royal Huisman Project 406
Royal Huisman’s Project 406 is the world’s largest true sportfish yacht. This Dutch masterpiece designed by Vripack combines luxury, meticulous engineering and unmatched amenities, setting new standards for superyacht sportfish yachts.
Length: 170 ft.
Beam: n/a
Sleeps: 12+
Top Speed: n/a
Range: n/a

Rendering by Vripack

With remote working and learning, The Great Loop has become an experience for families, not just retirees. This 6,000-mile yearlong journey takes you through the Gulf of Mexico around the Keys, up the East Coast, then through a series of canals, rivers and the Great Lakes. These are some of the best vessels for this journey.


Beneteau Swift Trawler 48
The Swift Trawler 48 elevates Beneteau’s lineup of practical passage makers. Designed by Andreani for comfortable living, its seaworthiness and spaciousness have attracted a global community of over 1,300 long-distance boaters.
#1 Boat for the Great Loop, according to Lake Wizard
Length: 48 ft.
Beam: 14.9 ft.
Sleeps: 6
Top Speed: 18 mph
Range: 600 nautical miles


48’ Greenline Coupe
Experience solar-powered serenity during the Great Loop. Cruising at 5 knots in e-drive mode, the energy intake exceeds output, offering quiet, emissions-free journeys through waterways and bridge openings.
Known For: Hybrid diesel, solar and electric capabilities.
Length: 48 ft.
Beam: 15.7 ft.
Sleeps: 6
Top Speed: 23 mph / 7 mph on electric only
Range: 40 nautical miles on electric only



Explore a range of high-end marine toys and accessories that enhance the luxury boating lifestyle.


A Submersible for Private Yachts
The latest submersible, Super Sub, debuted at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show. It’s the fastest private luxury sub, accommodating three passengers and descending to depths of 300 feet. Its unobstructed views are unmatched, and it offers special docking for attachment to your megayacht.

Photo by Alessandro De Angelis



Beach Club Sea Pool
The Beach Club Sea Pool takes center stage, accompanied by the thrilling inflatable Yacht Slide, offering an extended deck with ultra-comfortable, ergonomically designed inflatable wave loungers. It’s a dazzling addition to your yacht toy collection.



Icon A5 Yacht Plane
With a low fuel burn and the versatility to fuel up at an airport, marina or gas station, the Icon A5 is the ultimate getaway vehicle. Designed to make the dream of flight more exciting and accessible, this amphibious aircraft can take you to a secluded beach, any airport and your yacht.

Luxury ICON A5 on beach