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Meet Luxury Guide Legacy Leader – Ashley Brown

Meet Luxury Guide Legacy Leader – Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown - SLF Founder & CEO - Photo Credit Nick Mele

As Featured in Luxury Guide 2024 print edition

The “Give A Little, GET A LOT” Movement is an innovative initiative built on the belief that even the smallest contributions can trigger a substantial ripple effect. Its primary mission is to inspire individuals to actively engage in philanthropic activities that align with their personal values, regardless of the scale of their donations. Luxury Guide Legacy Leaders, play a pivotal role in championing the “Give A Little, GET A LOT” movement. Being esteemed figures or companies within our community, their wholeheartedly committed to driving positive change. They serve as influential role models and prominent figures associated with Luxury Guide’s mission, tasked with inspiring others to follow their philanthropic lead through their inspiring stories. These individuals or entities not only provide support to nonprofits of their own choice but also collectively enhance the broader philanthropic movement. Through collaborative efforts with Legacy Leaders, Luxury Guide will amplify the visibility of the nonprofits mission. This extended outreach and enhanced publicity will contribute to increased education and ignite a passion for philanthropy among newcomers, often hampered by limited funding resources.

Ashley Brown’s legacy is not only one of transforming lives through Selfless Love Foundation but also now serving to inspire a broader community to embrace philanthropy.

Transforming the Child Welfare System: The Selfless Love Foundation’s Impact

In 2015, Ashley Brown, Founder & CEO of Selfless Love Foundation (SLF), embarked on a remarkable journey to change the lives of foster children and the child welfare system. Ashley’s personal experience as an adoptee laid the foundation for her unwavering commitment to ensuring that every child has the chance to experience the warmth and love of a family.

Ashley Brown - SLF Founder & CEO - Photo Credit Nick Mele
Ashley Brown – SLF Founder & CEO – Photo Credit Nick Mele

A Life Shaped by Adoption 
Ashley’s journey began with her adoption as an infant, a pivotal moment that would forever alter the trajectory of her life. Raised in Fort Pierce, Florida, Ashley was instilled with a strong work ethic and a deep belief in the pursuit of one’s dreams, values that have remained central to her character.

From a young age, Ashley’s adventurous spirit led her to rodeo events across the United States while actively engaging in community projects and organizations. Her dedication to excellence and her eloquence as a speaker earned her awards within the Future Business Leaders of America during her academic journey.
Modeling Success and Beyond 
Ashley’s multifaceted career took her through the worlds of modeling and sales, where she showcased her talent and garnered recognition for her ability to captivate audiences. Her successful career in these fields laid the groundwork for her future endeavors.

A Vision Realized: Founding Selfless Love Foundation 
In 2015, Ashley, along with her husband Ed Brown, former CEO of Tequila Patrón, founded Selfless Love Foundation. This nonprofit organization was established with a singular mission: to transform the child welfare system and provide foster children with the opportunity to discover loving homes, ensuring their successful transition into adulthood.

Recognition and Altruism 
Ashley’s tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. Her commitment to bettering the lives of foster children earned her the prestigious 2019 “Lighting the Way Award” from the Florida Coalition for Children. Additionally, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute aptly referred to Ashley as “one of our brightest angels,” bestowing upon her the 2020 Angels in Adoption Honoree title.

A Journey of Altruism and Inspiration 
Ashley’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of love, dedication, and the profound impact that one person can have on the lives of many. To delve deeper into Ashley Brown’s incredible story of altruism and to find further inspiration, we invite you to explore her story at

Transforming Lives, One Child at a Time
Through Ashley Brown’s leadership and the unwavering dedication of Selfless Love Foundation, countless children have found the loving families they deserve. The organization’s commitment to reshaping the child welfare system in three critical areas – adoption, independent living, and advocacy – serves as a beacon of hope for those in need.

In just eight years, Selfless Love Foundation has made remarkable strides in Florida and is now setting its sights on national influence. With the support of partners like Worthy, SLF is poised to reach more families forever, guide youth on their journey to adulthood, and drive policy changes to benefit children currently in care and those entering the system daily. Their unwavering commitment to transforming the child welfare system is nothing short of inspiring, making them a beacon of hope for countless children and families across the nation.

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If you’re seeking meaningful ways to integrate altruism into your life, Luxury Guide extends a warm invitation for you to become an integral part of this collective endeavor.  If you’re unsure about where or how to get involved, we encourage you to explore the diverse range of nonprofits featured at  To learn more about becoming a Legacy Leader, email

Remember that every impactful journey starts with a small step—and so does your involvement.