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Out of Bounds
From the reclaimed lands off the coast of Dubai, this island home refuses to be confined by rules or limitations.

Architecture & Interiors: B8 Architecture
About: Villa Alpago is a mind-blowing residential project located on Dubai’s famed Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest man-made island known for its ultra-luxurious resorts and private homes. Conceived by the award-winning Dubai-based architecture and design studio B8 Architecture, Villa Alpago is the very essence of “ad infinitum,” meaning never-ending and without limit. Here, CEO, Founder, Senior Architect, and Principal Designer Kristina Bråteng, along with her talented team at B8, illustrate the fact that when one’s imagination knows no bounds, neither does the design possibilities.
Overall Aesthetic: Contemporary elegance, as expressed through proportion and geometry, flawless finishes, and an engaging play of light.
Standout Architectural Element: Expanses of glass on both the front façade and rear exterior, giving way to unobstructed views from every space and angle.
Outstanding Design Feature: Wall-to-wall backlit exotic stone.