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ART VILLAS | Playa Hermoso, Costa Rica

ART VILLAS | Playa Hermoso, Costa Rica

Element of Surprise
Striking concrete and metal structures in the last place you’d ever expect.

Architecture & Interior Design:Formafatal and Refuel Works
About: Art Villas uniquely melds all the beauty of modern architecture with all the wonder of Mother Nature. Nestled in the lush Costa Rican jungle nearly 985 feet above the Pacific Ocean, Art Villas is an integrated complex of several individual state-of-the-art structures, each designed so that both the views and connection to the outdoors are unimpeded. The Art Villa is a contemporary concrete structure whose extensive terrace opens to a panorama of rainforest and sea. The Atelier Villa’s rust-toned metal façade and green roof are seemingly camouflaged, but there’s no mistaking the infinity pool that daringly extends outward to commingle with the trees.
Overall Aesthetic: Bold and monolithic with abundant references to the surrounding rainforest.
Standout Architectural Element: An edgy, low-profile, linear silhouette.
Outstanding Design Feature: The blending of materials, from smooth concrete to “burnt” metal to rich indigenous woods.