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The Interior Design Inspiration You’ve Been Looking For | Interior Atmosphere

The Interior Design Inspiration You’ve Been Looking For | Interior Atmosphere

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Dive into 2022’s need-to-know design trends with Ryan Locke of Interior Atmosphere


Choosing an interior designer can be daunting, with everything to consider from aesthetic alignment to design process, industry access, and more. But Ryan Locke, an interior visionary and founder of Interior Atmosphere, makes the decision easier. Here, we chat with the inimitable designer about his inspiration, anticipated trends for this year, and his best advice for those looking to hire an interior designer.

Ryan Locke is a seasoned South Florida-based interior designer who innovatively transforms spaces by bringing his clients’ unique visions to life. “My philosophy is simple,” Locke says. “Create custom spaces while maintaining a beautiful, fresh, cohesive, vibrant perspective through all phases of the design process.” After working for some of Miami’s major players in the design community, Locke founded Interior Atmosphere in 2018. Now, with more than 10 years in the industry, Locke’s portfolio boasts 50-plus large and boutique projects that he’s led through all phases of interior design. The firm’s project scale also includes design development, space planning, comprehensive interior detailing, contract negotiations, client relations, project management, ID construction documents, FF & E selection, site inspection, quality control, lighting design, final site installation and inspection, and conservative budgetary management. .



Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.

What is your background?
I attended the Art Institute, where I received my degree in interior design. I have worked for some of the leading design firms in South Florida, including Reginald Dunlap and Antrobus + Ramirez, before going out on my own to form Interior Atmosphere in 2018.


What type of projects do you work with?
Residential design

How does your background help form your design aesthetic?
I have worked on some of the most beautiful projects in New York, the Hamptons, Miami, Palm Beach, and around the world.


What inspired you to enter the world of interior design?
I was chosen by this life as a kid watching my mother design and build our family homes growing up. When school would break for the summer, I would find myself helping my mother with the process.

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?
“It’s all about the atmosphere.”

Who was the first designer that inspired you?
The set designer for the TV show Will & Grace! That TV set inspires me to this day! What a great show to boot.

What legendary person or professional are you inspired by? Why?
Professionally I am inspired by my old colleague and boss Alison Antrobus. Working with her for so many years taught me how to juggle a ton of hats while working on projects during different stages of ‘birth.’

Name one building architecture you’re inspired by. Why?
I visited Falling Waters, the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house, when I was a kid with my grandparents and it left a lasting impression on me. I was taken to another world when I visited that house and knew then that anything was possible when it comes to design.

What type of art inspires you?
I love anything abstract or local, as long as the art speaks to me or my client. I don’t think there are any rules beyond that if the art inspires.

What are your favorite furniture & décor stores?
I practice the high-low method with furniture stores, so therefore I have too many resources to choose from to even start to list!


How do you keep up with industry changes?
I don’t tend to follow the ‘industry,’ I don’t think. I like to connect with a client on their level when it comes to their interiors.

What trends are you anticipating this year?
Browns and animal prints are going to be making a comeback, as well as fluorescent colors. You heard it here first, folks.

Do you work sustainable design into your projects? If so, how?
If my client is open to it, I love using vintage finds. I think these pieces can really bring a sense of history and ‘time’ to a space and make it very personable.


What advice can you provide to people who are considering hiring a designer?
I say you meet with several designers and see who you connect with and who shows you the most drive!

What are the benefits of hiring a designer—and you specifically?
While a designer can be a large upfront cost in most cases, in the end, it will end up saving you a lot of money. I work on a flat design fee with all of my clients and pass on the designer discounts directly to my client. This helps to streamline the process and for the client to directly see the savings and benefits of working with me.

How do you learn your clients’ style and taste before getting to work?
I love for a client to share with me any and all images they might have to help describe their style. If the client is able to express a feeling or emotion they would like for their spaces to evoke, that’s helpful too. Also, I like to know as much as I can about the client’s lifestyle to help me tap into all the functions needed for the space.


What would your clients say about you?
I would hope they say I go above and beyond to get the task at hand accomplished and that their spaces are reflective of their wishes.


What exciting projects are you currently working on?
I am working on a Miami Beach condo with a historical pool cabana that has my imagination and inspiration running wild!

1331 Brickell Bay Drive, Ste. 1603, Miami, FL 33131
IG: @interioratmsophere