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Nuchas Empanadas Make a Mark at Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

Nuchas Empanadas Make a Mark at Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

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Nuchas, the innovative purveyor of multicultural empanadas, captivated attendees at the esteemed Food & Wine Classic in Aspen from June 14-16. This debut marked a significant milestone for the company, which has been revolutionizing the empanada landscape since its inception in 2011.

Founded by Argentinian entrepreneur Ariel Barbouth, Nuchas aims to elevate the empanada from a beloved South American snack to a versatile culinary icon fit for any occasion. The company’s participation at the Food & Wine Classic provided a platform to showcase their vision to a discerning audience of food enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Collaborating with Chef German Lucarelli from The Lost Fire, Nuchas unveiled a special edition lineup of empanadas, each crafted with precision and filled with distinctive flavors. Festival-goers savored offerings such as Moroccan Lamb, Slow Braised Short Rib al Malbec, Classic Argentine Ground Beef, and Maitake Mushrooms with Spinach & Mozzarella. Over 6,000 samples were distributed, highlighting Nuchas’ commitment to quality and innovation.

“The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen was an incredible opportunity for us to share our passion for empanadas with a wider audience,” said Ariel Barbouth, CEO & Founder of Nuchas. “Our empanadas are not just snacks—they’re handheld meals designed for convenience without compromising on taste or quality. We envision them becoming as iconic as hot dogs and as trendy as tacos across the United States.”

Ariel and his wife, Leni, embarked on their journey in New York City to introduce the traditional empanada to American consumers, infused with global flavors and crafted using responsibly sourced, preservative-free ingredients. Nuchas’ empanadas are baked, never fried, ensuring a healthier option for consumers seeking flavorful and convenient dining solutions.

Beyond their debut at the Food & Wine Classic, Nuchas has gained recognition with a Vendy award-winning food truck and appearances on Shark Tank. They have established a presence in numerous convention centers and participated in diverse events nationwide, including Comic Con, AfroPunk, and the Kentucky Derby. Looking forward, Nuchas plans to expand its footprint across ski centers, sports venues, and cultural hubs, offering their gourmet empanadas for online ordering nationwide.

For more information about Nuchas and their delectable empanadas, visit their website at or follow them on social media: @nuchasnyc