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Laura Raybin Miller, first-Vice President-Wealth Management, Financial Advisor, The Suskind-Ripple Group at UBS Financial Services Inc.

Laura Raybin Miller, first-Vice President-Wealth Management, Financial Advisor, The Suskind-Ripple Group at UBS Financial Services Inc.

  • Laura Raybin Miller is a positive force in the lives of many throughout our community.
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Having worked in the wealth management industry in South Florida for decades serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals with their financial goals, Laura Miller has learned that art is a passion that moves many of her clients. It just so happens that art is also an investment with emotional dividends attached to it.

Art is an emotional, qualitative pursuit; many collectors are self-educated in the arts and invest considerable time in following their passion. They reap emotional value and, sometimes, financial value, yet Miller doesn’t advise looking at art as an investment class. Treating art as a pure investment asset is not only contrary to its nature but also the nature of the art market.

Art intersects in many ways and areas for people, businesses, and the community. There are numerous educational, social, cultural, and humanitarian benefits of art. Clients with art collections often ask themselves, “How can my passion for art serve future educational and philanthropic purposes, whether at a museum, school, hospital, or community institution?” Some art collectors are inspired to support emerging artists and give them the confidence and recognition they need to spur their careers.

There are many long-term advantages to incorporating art into the foundation of our community—it becomes a point of distinction and brings people together. Affluent business leaders, families, and community stakeholders often seek to integrate art into local infrastructure to help support emerging artists and inspire the community. In South Florida, this is evident in several locations, including at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, part of Memorial Healthcare System, in Hollywood. During Art Basel Miami Beach, supported by UBS, outdoor sculptures are integrated into the program to bring the fair to the local community.

Art inspires collectors to consider how they will preserve their collections to benefit their families and communities for generations to come. Some endow their collections in museums to ensure the art stays intact. We also see collaborations between museums and public school systems. For example, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale recently collaborated with Memorial Healthcare System to provide students with educational museum tours combined with lunch and nutrition education.

“Art is an investment with emotional dividends attached to it.”

How to get started in art collecting: Some local museums have divisions that educate young collectors and cater to future entrepreneurs who want to pursue their interests in art. You can also become a member of your local art museum’scollectors’ division to network with well-respected collectors. Miller also recommends attending art fairs, such as the UBS-sponsored Art Basel Miami Beach, as well as Art Miami and other events worldwide.

UBS and Art:
UBS has been a global lead partner of Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, since 1994; Miami Beach since 2002; and Hong Kong since 2014. This longstanding partnership furthers its shared interest in art and collecting, creating a global platform for exchanging innovative ideas. It also allows the company to connect with clients in meaningful ways. The UBS Art Collection is one of the world’s largest corporate art collections, with over 30,000 works created by artists from more than 75 countries. Most of these works are displayed in UBS offices worldwide. UBS actively supports artists and galleries and lends works to major art museums and cultural institutions for public exhibitions.

About Laura Raybin Miller:
Laura Raybin Miller has been an investment professional since 1999 and joined UBS in 2013. She helps ultra-high and high-net-worth clients and their families identify their financial needs and objectives, bringing together the best of UBS’s local and global teams and resources to implement a holistic and comprehensive path toward achieving their life goals.

For more information about how to get started in the art world and your financial planning, email 305-200-2019 or 305-682-4637 Suskind-Ripple Group of UBS FinancialServices, Inc., Aventura, FL;