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For Seafood Lovers, Experience Klaw in Miami

For Seafood Lovers, Experience Klaw in Miami

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Klaw offers guests the epitome of fine dining in a newly restored historical Miami landmark located in Edgewater overlooking Biscayne Bay.  Klaw’s dining concept boasts a rare selection of upscale land and sea offerings that the team spent over seven years scavenging all corners of the world to find. The result? Fresh King Crab sourced directly from Norway’s Barents Sea. Kept live in bespoke tanks as a design focal point, the King Crab retains its maximum freshness and taste, right up until the time guests place their dinner orders. Other delicacies from the sea include sustainably sourced bluefin tuna, hand-dived east coast scallops, East/West coast oysters, and more. 

The land portion features a custom-curated beef-rearing program that delivers flavors exclusive to the restaurant including Florida Cracker Cattle, authentic Kobe beef, and more.  

The restaurant was designed by world-renowned Interior Architect & Designer Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and restored the historic Miami Woman’s Club to its former grandeur when it opened in July 2022. Encompassing 3 floors of the Spanish-Renaissance building, Klaw’s fourth floor boasts the main dining room, a theater kitchen on the fifth floor, and the neighborhood’s only rooftop bar on the sixth floor