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Introducing Tidelli Outdoor Furniture Miami, Now Open in Midtown!

Introducing Tidelli Outdoor Furniture Miami, Now Open in Midtown!

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Tidelli Outdoor Living, a luxury Brazilian furniture brand for the outdoors, is now open in the vibrant city of Miami! Nestled in the heart of the dynamic Midtown area, the brand is poised to offer an exceptional range of outdoor living solutions that seamlessly blend style, quality, and innovation. Miami, with its diverse cultural tapestry, provides the perfect canvas for Tidelli‘s stunning designs!
  • Customization – Through its highly customizable collections of designer furniture in a range of selections, including over 50 aluminum frame colors, 70 rope pattern variations, and hundreds of fabric choices, Tidelli empowers customers to create bespoke designs tailored to their style and needs. The brand boasts an extensive product portfolio, consisting of over 300 items. From chairs, chaise lounges, and sofas to accessories such as hammocks, lighting fixtures, and planters, Tidelli provides the crème de la crème of unique and stylish outdoor options. 
  • Manufacture / Sustainability – Tidelli manufactures all of its pieces in its workshop in Fazenda Coutos, Brazil. By fully integrating all their manufacturing processes and keeping them in-house, Tidelli is able to minimize waste and maximize the usage of materials, making them one of the most sustainable furniture manufacturers in the world.


Tidelli uncovers a world where design luminaries like Sami HayekSolana Marianelli, and Matteo Cibic converge to redefine the art of outdoor living with these celebrity partnerships. At Tidelli, outdoor living is more than furniture; it’s about crafting unique experiences. These celebrity-designed collections redefine outdoor aesthetics, allowing you to bring a touch of their style and creativity to your outdoor oasis.


About Tidelli Outdoor Furniture:

Tidelli Outdoor Furniture is a luxury brand that specializes in handcrafted outdoor furniture designed to enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. With over 30 years of experience, Tidelli has become a global influencer in outdoor living, offering a vast collection of furniture, and lighting accessories that combine elegance and functionality.

Each piece of Tidelli furniture is made with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance even in the harshest environments. From residential to commercial projects, Tidelli’s versatile collections provide a vast range of customization options that adapt to any aesthetic and design requirement.

Tidelli Outdoor Furniture is committed to sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize the environmental impact of its products. The brand also promotes ethical and fair trade practices, supporting local artisans and communities in Brazil, where its production is based. For more information, visit


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tidelli Outdoor Furniture

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