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SeaBear Smokehouse: Holiday Meals Made Easy with Delectable Seafood

SeaBear Smokehouse: Holiday Meals Made Easy with Delectable Seafood

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Whether you’re going to have a simple meal with a few friends for the holiday or go all out for the whole family, you and your loved ones deserve a meal that’s mouth-wateringly delicious. Even better if it fits with your holiday budget!

For 65 years, SeaBear Smokehouse has been known in homes across the country as the best source of high-quality, authentic smokehouse seafood. Based in Anacortes, Washington, they work with local fishermen to responsibly source their seafood from the Pacific Northwest right to your kitchen.

Their patented Gold Seal pouch technology helps you enjoy fresh seafood on your own time. The Gold Seal offerings come fresh-sealed with no need for refrigeration until you open the package. So you can prepare your holiday dinners weeks ahead and take one stress off your shoulders.

The best part? Every SeaBear option is affordable, letting you treat friends and family to great food with plenty of money left over for amazing gifts.

Check out these great options to elevate your holiday get-togethers (or even gift the seafoodie in your life something they’ll absolutely love!)

Signature Smoked Salmon
As tasty and high-quality from the very first day in 1957
Packaged in the patented Gold Seal pouch and shipped in an angled gift box to make gifting easy
Includes a 1.5lb filet
Holiday Special: get 25% more with a 6oz pouch included for free

Thanksgiving Smoke Salmon
Get your turkey going along with this premier-cut salmon for the best Thanksgiving meal you’ll ever have
Take part in SeaBear’s Thanksgiving tradition of center-cut wild Coho salmon loin, lightly seasoned with savory spices, and smoked to perfection
Enjoy just in time as you and your family sit down to food and football
Quantities are limited, so be sure to order early

Entertaining Collection
Ideal for holiday entertaining or gifting to your friend that loves to host parties
Experience the SeaBear Range of smoke seafood specialties while making new lasting memories
4oz Waterbrook Winemaker’s Smoked Salmon
3oz European Style Smoked Salmon Lox
4oz Smoked Scallops
3oz Smoked Sablefish
5oz Smoked Steelhead Trout

Happy Eating!

SeaBear Smokehouse