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Beyond the Surface with Ivonne Ronderos of DKOR Interiors

Beyond the Surface with Ivonne Ronderos of DKOR Interiors

Ivonne Ronderos, DKOR Interiors

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Exploring the Journey of Ivonne Ronderos, Founder and CEO

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Meet Ivonne Ronderos: The Creative Genius behind DKOR Interiors

Established over 20 years ago by Ivonne Ronderos, DKOR Interiors has evolved from a one-woman show into a thriving interior design firm with a dedicated team of over 30 professionals. Based in Miami, Florida, DKOR Interiors has made an indelible mark in the design world, known for creating timeless and inviting spaces that reflect each client’s unique vision.

Ivonne’s journey into the design world began humbly. When she was younger, her mother worked at a furniture store and was constantly remodeling their house by upholstering everything she could. Ivonne says her mother’s involvement in the industry intrigued her to become a part of it herself. She started by offering bedding, but clients always asked for more. Years later, DKOR Interiors became a full-fledged interior design firm built on empathy, collaboration and delivering exceptional design.

Over the years, DKOR Interiors has expanded its portfolio, branching into residential and commercial design and earning recognition for its innovative concepts and personalized approach. The firm’s ability to blend aesthetics and functionality, combined with Ivonne’s leadership, has positioned DKOR Interiors as a prominent player in the industry.

Where are you from?
I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, but raised in the United States, splitting my time between Los Angeles and Miami.

Does your background have anything to do with your design aesthetic?
I’d say my background has impacted my personal design aesthetic. However, you’ll notice a distinct collaboration between designer and client in my professional work. It’s uncommon for a client to share my personal aesthetic, as we all have unique tastes. DKOR Interiors celebrates these differences and incorporates them into our projects.

When did you know you wanted to become a designer?
My path to becoming a designer developed naturally and progressively. It started with a childhood fascination with interior elements, ignited by my mother’s involvement in a home store. Initially, when her clients began requesting bedding, I thought it was straightforward, believing in the simple idea of supplying what people needed. Later, I started adding paint. As I explored these areas, I discovered the intricate interplay of these elements in design, fueling my passion. This passion eventually led to the inception of DKOR Interiors, driven by a commitment to serving clients and crafting homes that authentically reflect their personalities with the utmost quality. Over the years, my love for design has grown, fueled by the collaborative spirit that defines our projects, where we work closely with various professionals, from construction teams to furniture designers and florists.

What was your motivation or inspiration for becoming a designer?
My motivation was to create a different kind of interior design firm that puts empathy and service at its core.

Where did you study?
I studied business administration in Bogota, Colombia, and culinary arts in Miami. My degree in interior design comes from 20 years of trial and error and success in the field.

Do you have any mentors? If so, who are they, and why are they important to you?
I’ve been fortunate to have had incredible mentors, many of whom were clients. Their support and guidance shaped us into a service-oriented firm. Additionally, I’ve found mentors among the designers I collaborate with because learning from others is key to my growth and success. We learn most by looking outward, not inward.


Waterfront Contemporary Elegance Dining Room

How would you describe your preferred design style?
My preferred design style is “homey.” I aim to create spaces that embrace comfort, making people feel at ease and connected.

How do you approach understanding a client’s vision and translating it into a design concept while incorporating your own artistic touch?
We initiate each project with a concept that serves as the design’s foundation. This concept is a collaboration with our clients, allowing them to elevate their style while guiding them toward decisions that best reflect their desired space. This concept tells the story of their lives, where they came from, where they are and where they are headed. This design approach ensures that each of our projects is as unique as our clients’ stories.

Sophisticated Turnberry Condo

How do you stay up to date with design trends? Do you follow trends or approach design differently?
Our travels, both for work and personally, along with social media, provide continuous inspiration. By attending global trade shows, we can distinguish passing trends from timeless design elements that endure the test of time.

How do you balance a client’s desire for trendy elements with timeless designs?
By gaining their trust. Once our clients truly understand and believe we are there only for their best interest, they are more open to our advice. This is why transparency is such a fundamental part of our company.

Do you consider aesthetics or functionality most important?
If it’s not functional, it’s not good design.

What role does sustainability play in your design process, and how do you integrate eco-friendly practices into your projects?
We work with as many existing conditions as possible. We’re not quick to rip out a kitchen or completely restart a space when existing elements can add character. However, sometimes it’s simply not possible, but our goal is always to try.

Can you walk me through your creative process, from concept ideation to final implementation?
The first step in our creative process is defining the scope of work and establishing a tentative budget. We believe in having these critical conversations right from the start to ensure a clear understanding between us and our clients. This upfront clarity sets the stage for a successful project. Once these foundational elements are in place, we schedule a style meeting with our clients, encouraging them to share their dream list for the project, even if some of their aspirations seem out of reach. This list provides insights into their style and helps us understand their goals for space. We want to know what story they want to tell in their space. Additionally, we present them with a curated selection of images we’ve gathered, sparking discussions and introducing new ideas they might not have considered. All these inputs converge into a concept that is the cornerstone of our design journey.

Modern Tropical in Ft Lauderdale

How do you measure the success of a design project?
A successful project for us is one that aligns with our client’s aesthetic expectations and is within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget. It’s imperative that a client truly feels the home represents them and their family—not just another beautiful home that’s editorial-worthy.

Do you have a favorite project? Why?
One of my favorite projects is the Miami modern home featured on our website. We completed it over 12 years ago, and it remains timeless. Back then, we weren’t as recognized, and the clients took a leap of faith in us, which I truly appreciate. It’s sentimental, as it was one of my first opportunities and contributed to the start of my business.

Miami Modern Home Living Room

Can you share a new project you are working on?
We’re currently immersed in several exciting projects, each with its unique design and scope. One that stands out is a multimillion-dollar vacation home in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Its design aesthetic resonates closely with my style, and the location adds a touch of whimsy. We’re honored the client chose us not only because of our design experience but specifically because of our organization and professional representation. We are also now working in commercial design, which is a new and exciting venture. We have dabbled in it throughout the years, but we are now placing significant effort toward growing that division of our company. We recently completed an 80-unit apartment building in Clearwater, Florida.

What was a past collaboration you are proud of?
We had the opportunity to collaborate on a remarkable project in Fort Lauderdale, working alongside the talented architect Max Strang and the skilled contractors from Bomar Builders. This project spanned approximately three years and was a truly thrilling experience. I gained invaluable insights and knowledge throughout the process, making it a source of great pride in our portfolio. This project was also special because it was for a couple that owned a creative advertising agency. They brought a lot of new ideas to the table and constantly challenged us throughout the process, creating a very unique home.

What are you most proud of?
Every time we unveil a completed home and witness our clients’ joy as they explore their new spaces, it’s a significant accomplishment for me and the entire DKOR team. That’s our real success!

Luxe Waterfront Condo Detail


How do you approach sourcing materials, furniture and accessories for your projects?
We begin with the entire color mood, which includes flooring, wallcovering and carpentry. We are always considering the final finishes that will be used, such as glass and textiles.

How do you strike the perfect balance between creating a visually stunning space and ensuring it remains functional and practical for everyday use?
Before diving into the design, we take a moment to really understand the needs. It’s the starting point for creating something incredible.


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