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Announcing Luxury Guide Legacy Leaders: Ashley Brown and Norma Jean Abraham

Announcing Luxury Guide Legacy Leaders: Ashley Brown and Norma Jean Abraham

As Featured in Luxury Guide 2024 print edition
Give a Little, GET A LOT movement.

What Is the “Give A Little, GET A LOT” Movement? 
The “Give A Little, GET A LOT” Movement is an innovative initiative built on the belief that even the smallest contributions can trigger a substantial ripple effect. Its primary mission is to inspire individuals to actively engage in philanthropic activities that align with their personal values, regardless of the scale of their donations. The success of this movement hinges on the involvement of esteemed figures within our community who become Luxury Guide Legacy Leaders, playing a pivotal role in championing the “Give A Little, Get A Lot” movement.

The Role of a Legacy Leader 
Legacy Leaders, being esteemed figures or companies within our community, are wholeheartedly committed to driving positive change. They serve as influential role models and prominent figures associated with Luxury Guide’s mission, tasked with inspiring others to follow their philanthropic lead. These individuals or entities not only provide support to nonprofits of their choice but also collectively enhance the broader philanthropic movement.

Unifying Efforts for Greater Impact 
Through collaborative efforts with our Legacy Leaders, Luxury Guide will amplify the visibility of nonprofits by leveraging our print and digital platforms. This extended outreach and enhanced publicity will contribute to increased education and ignite a passion for philanthropy among newcomers, often hampered by limited funding resources.


In recognition of their remarkable contributions to their communities, we are proud to introduce Ashley Brown and Norma Jean Abraham as Legacy Leaders for Luxury Guide’s 2024 “Give A Little, Get A LOT” movement.

Ashley Brown - SLF Founder & CEO - Photo Credit Nick Mele
Ashley Brown – SLF Founder & CEO – Photo Credit Nick Mele

Get to Know Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown, founder & CEO of Selfless Love Foundation, firmly believes that every child deserves a family. As an adopted infant, she was instilled with a strong work ethic from a young age. After a successful career in modeling and sales, Ashley, along with her husband, Ed Brown, established the foundation in 2015 with the mission to enhance the child welfare system and facilitate loving homes for foster children.
In 2019, Ashley received the prestigious SunTrust Foundation “Lighting the Way Award,” and in 2020, she earned the title of an Angels in Adoption honoree by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Ashley’s life story serves as a testament to the profound impact of love and how a single individual can bring about positive change in the lives of many.


Get to Know Norma Jean Abraham 
Norma Jean Abraham, a compassionate philanthropist, arrived in the United States as a 5-year-old Lebanese orphan, initially speaking only French. Despite humble beginnings, she is a beloved and prominent figure in Miami, known for her distinctive purple hair.

With an unwavering commitment to positive change, Norma Jean supports various charitable causes and organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Miracle Ball, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Honey Shine, the Leadership Learning Center, charitable work in Jamaica, Art Walk, and Our Lady-Lebanon Catholic Church, to name a few.

Norma Jean’s philanthropic approach inspires tbose around her to make a difference through even small acts of kindness.


Their stories stand as a testament to the power of individual determination, showing that regardless of one’s beginnings, it is what you do with your circumstances that truly matters. Both ladies, who share the experience of adoption, have shown that no obstacle is insurmountable. We invite you to join them on this inspiring journey, proving that one person can make a significant impact on the lives of others.  To delve deeper into Ashley and Norma’s remarkable journeys of altruism and find further inspiration, please visit – Legacy Leaders.

If you’re seeking meaningful ways to integrate altruism into your life, Luxury Guide extends a warm invitation for you to become an integral part of this collective endeavor.
If you’re unsure about where or how to get involved, we encourage you to explore the diverse range of nonprofits featured at
Remember that every impactful journey starts with a small step—and so does your involvement.
To learn more about becoming a Legacy Leader, email