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As Featured in 2023 Edition – Give a Little, Get a Lot

As Featured in 2023 Edition – Give a Little, Get a Lot

When you Give Back, You Get Back

There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving back to those who need help. Your generosity, be it monetary or donating your time, could provide someone a meal for the day, a place to sleep for the night, a home to live in, an opportunity for education, an escape from an abusive home—and even save a life. Many know the power of helping those in need, but they don’t know where to start. As part of our inaugural Bucket List edition, we are helping get the ball in motion by rounding up several ways to help community members and society. When you write something down, the likelihood of completing the task increases. So you will notice we’ve added “give back” to your 2023 project and bucket list planner to help you stay on track. So, whether you opt to build a home, volunteer to feed the homeless, donate money, or any other of the philanthropic pursuits we’ve gathered, you can feel good knowing you supported a good cause this year.No matter what you’re passionate about, there’s a nonprofit or cause that could use your help. We’ve outlined some of the categories under which several organizations fall. You may find there are many causes that resonate with you, so start small and pick one. You can always add to your list!

How do you tell if the Charity is reputable?

Verify a charity’s legitimacy and get a better picture of how much of their donations go toward expenses and overhead by looking them up on watchdog sites. The FTC recommends the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, CharityNavigator, CharityWatch, and GuideStar. These sites rate nonprofits and allow you to find out more about each organization.

Support a Charity

In 2023, Luxury Guide will be launching a“Sponsor a Charity” program that will support the marketing needs of nonprofits, as well as provide a revenue stream that can support their mission. To learn how your nonprofit can receive complimentary coverage on our platforms, email with Subject Line: Nonprofit Sponsor Program.

Ways to Give Back

Helping children get out of abusive situations, combat hunger, and gain access to education.

Focuses on protecting the world’s natural resources, such as our oceans and forests, and encouraging recycling.

Helping children and families get access to nutritional meals.

Supporting animals who can’t help themselves by providing shelter, food, and care.

Supporting the arts, theater, museums, music, and other cultural establishments.

Helping those with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression that can lead to detrimental outcomes if not treated.

Giving back to causes that help fund cures for such diseases as cancer, heart disease, ALS, autism, and more.

Helping those who can no longer take care of themselves through funding of nursing homes, assisted living centers and adult day cares.

Supporting causes for the better good of humanity, such as women’s, LGBTQ+, minority rights, and underprivileged groups.

Supporting individuals and their families struggling with addiction through recovery treatments and centers.

Providing shelter, food, and warmth to those who lack access to it.