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Treat Dad to a Legendary Father’s Day with our JARANA Grillmaster Box!!!

Treat Dad to a Legendary Father’s Day with our JARANA Grillmaster Box!!!

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Treat Dad to a legendary Father’s Day with our JARANA Grillmaster Box, overflowing with authentic flavors and premium ingredients to make Dad the grilling king. JARANA, a dynamic Peruvian restaurant concept in Aventura, brings the vibrant flavors of Peru to your home, with a Grillmaster Box for the whole family. The Father’s day Grillmaster box has everything Dad needs to “grill like a pro” and create the ultimate family feast. Fire up the grill for an afternoon of grilling fun and delicious feasting with this all-inclusive box.

Assortment of meats, sides and salad including:
·     2 Lb Prime Bone-In Ribeye: A juicy and flavorful cut of meat, perfect for the ultimate steak experience. (Raw Product ). Once grilled top it with the Lima steakhouse style “saltado butter” that is included.
·     Marinated, Boneless-Whole Chicken (Pollada Style): Tender and flavorful, this marinated chicken is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. (Raw Product)
·     4Pc Marinated Veal Heart Anticuchos: Transport Dad to the streets of Lima with these delicious and traditional skewers, these anticuchera sauce marinated veal heart skewers are a cant-miss item at any Peruvian grill! (Raw Product)
·     4Pc Octopus Anticuchos: For the adventurous and intrepid griller, these succulent octopus skewers add an exciting twist to any legitimate grilling afternoon. (Cooked Product)
·     4Pc Argentinian Chorizos: Add a delicious and savory note to the grill with these classic Argentinian style sausages. (RAW Product)
·     2Lb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes: The perfect accompaniment to any grilled dish, these roasted fingerling potatoes are a delicious and satisfying side. (Cooked Product)
·     Parrillera Salad for 4 with Dressing: A refreshing and vibrant salad to complement all the grilled goodness.

Assortment of Authentic Peruvian Sauces Included:
·     Anticuchera Sauce: A savory and slightly spicy sauce, perfect for the anticucho skewers.
·     Chimichurri: A classic condiment, this flavorful herb sauce pairs perfectly with grilled meats and chorizos.
·     Huancaína Sauce: A creamy and flavorful yellow pepper sauce, ideal for dipping or drizzling.
·     Rocoto Huancaína: Aji rocoto peppers add a fiery kick to this classic Huancaina sauce.
·     Huacatay Sauce: A vibrant green sauce made with huacatay leaves, aji amarillo peppers, and cheese.
·     Rocoto Carreterilla Sauce: Aji rocoto peppers add a touch of heat to this flavorful and versatile and traditional street vendor sauce.Pick up for the

JARANA Grillmaster box is on Sunday June 16, 2024 between 9:00am-3:00pm. JARANA is located at 19505 Biscayne Blvd., Ste 5150, Aventura, FL 33180, adjacent to the Aventura Mall. For more information, follow along at @jarana.aventura.

Treat Dad to a legendary Father's Day with our JARANA Grillmaster Box!!!