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Steve and Madelaine Halmos Present Florida Pre-paid College Scholarships to Graduating Fifth Graders of Jack & Jill Center’s Madelaine Halmos Academy

Steve and Madelaine Halmos Present Florida Pre-paid College Scholarships to Graduating Fifth Graders of Jack & Jill Center’s Madelaine Halmos Academy

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Jack & Jill Center – the longest-running nonprofit provider of early childhood education in Broward County – celebrated the graduation of its fifth-grade students from its state-of-the-art Madelaine Halmos Academy (MHA) private elementary school on June 6. During the commencement ceremony, parents of each child in the 2023-2024 graduating fifth-grade class were surprised to hear that a college scholarship had been arranged for their children.

The Jack & Jill Opportunity Scholarships, established through the Florida Prepaid College Plan, have been funded by long-time supporters, Steve and Madelaine Halmos. Mr. Halmos presented 13 graduates with the scholarships.

These college scholarships await all these students when they graduate from high school. However, the students and their parents must do their part. Students must continue their education and stay out of trouble. If they simply do that, the college scholarship is theirs to use. To date, the Jack & Jill Center and the Halmos family have awarded 98 such scholarships to Madelaine Halmos Academy students since the program’s inception in 2022.

“We are honored that long-time supporters Steve and Madelaine Halmos have donated Florida pre-paid college scholarships to our 2024 graduating class again this year and for their ongoing commitment to making a difference in the lives of Jack & Jill Center’s families,” said Jack & Jill CEO Amy Jewell. “The Madelaine Halmos Academy elementary school prepares students for success in career and life and the scholarships will propel our students for a bright, prosperous future.”

“Madelaine and I are pleased to present Madelaine Halmos Academy’s graduating class with Florida pre-paid college scholarships,” said Steve Halmos. “For many of these students, they would be the first in their family to go to college. We want to help make that happen. We’re simply giving these families a hand-up, not a handout so that these students can live the American dream the way we have.”

“We are tremendously grateful to receive a Florida prepaid college scholarship for our daughter Juliana and the support from the Halmos family and Jack & Jill Center,” said Dano Rolle. “This scholarship will truly make a difference in our child’s life, allowing her to continue her education in college without the financial burden.”

The Madelaine Halmos Academy (MHA) is an expansion of Jack & Jill Center’s Early Education Center and debuted its new elementary school in June 2021. MHA provides a safe, academically sound and socially supportive environment for all learners. With its new building, MHA significantly extended its offerings by providing a school in the process of accreditation incorporating research-based best practices.

In addition to the Florida pre-paid college scholarship for all graduates, MHA’s unique features include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum; dedicated, highly-skilled staff and educators with low student-to-teacher ratios; engaging extracurricular activities fostering healthy social-emotional growth and personal development; integrated classroom technology including smart boards and individual devices for each student; individualized instructional approaches; interactive, educational field trips; extended day programming (before- and after-school care and camps); daily healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks; family wraparound support programs; health services; on-site counseling and therapeutic services including two on-campus therapy assisted dogs; and summer camp experiences.

MHA’s kindergarten through fifth-grade program currently serves 150 total students from high-need families, including early education and elementary school education, who benefit from the Jack & Jill education program. MHA has the capability to serve 220 students in total and is currently enrolling for the 2024-2025 school year.

Since 1942, Jack & Jill Center has remained steadfast in its mission to strengthen children and families through innovative education, supportive programming and community engagement. In the past 80 years, Jack & Jill Center has served over 30,000 children and families in South Florida. Jack & Jill Center supports children of high-need working families through quality early childhood education, elementary education and family strengthening programs to ensure every child and family has the tools they need to be successful.

To learn more about MHA and enrollment opportunities, please visit or contact 954.463.8772, ext. 218 or via e-mail at

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