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Seaspice 10th Anniversary Celebration

Seaspice 10th Anniversary Celebration

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As Miami came alive during Art Week, Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge toasted to a decade of culinary innovation, waterfront charm, and unforgettable moments. A gathering of artists, tastemakers, and influentials came together to revel in an evening adorned with a champagne tower and a captivating array of performances, including vocalist and songwriter EnVee. Elaborate-costumed dancers gracefully moved among attendees, while skilled trumpet players, and rhythmic drummers filled the air with soulful melodies and vibrant beats. 

Amidst the artistic extravaganza, guests savored handcrafted cocktails including Ketel One Espresso Martinis and Rosequila Negroni’s featuring Komos Rosado, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Cocchi Americano and orange bitter, among more, as well as signature bites such as Citrus Cured Salmon featuring goat cheese mousse and crispy ciabatta, Tuna Tartare with a Calamansi Ponzu, and signature Seaspice Octopus to name a few. Guests immersed into the evening with infectious DJ sounds from Axel Beca, crafting a memorable fusion of art, gastronomy, and entertainment.