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Rafael de Cardenas + Dedar at 111 W 57th New York

Rafael de Cardenas + Dedar at 111 W 57th New York

Amidst Manhattan’s iconic skyline, Rafael de Cárdenas presents his interior design project in Residence 66 at 111 West 57th Street, composed of the original landmarked Steinway Hall and a new tower by SHoP Architects with bespoke interiors by Studio Sofield. The model residence, on the 66th floor of the skyscraper, shows an enchanting fusion of modern opulence and artistic flair.

“This project is my best 80’s childhood fantasy brought to life… the best party pad waiting for the best party! It is meant to feel sophisticated but in a very forward way. Speaking to the pace of contemporary music (or Italo-Disco) more than the world of interiors”. With panoramic vistas over Central Park and the cityscape beyond, the three-bedroom haven encapsulates a discreet elegance that marries seamlessly with de Cárdenas’ signature vibrant palette. “The fabrics are the project. We narrowed down the selection of upscale sobering color choices paired with the acid green we see throughout. The acid green/grey combo proved sophisticated but in a directional way. Perhaps the edit also spoke to extending the grey of NYC’s concrete jungle and the green of Central Park into the apt itself”, reflects de Cárdenas.

An ottoman takes center stage in the great room, adorned with the cascading texture of Amoir Libre in Cedro colour and the avian motif of Silkbird Jacquard in Lime colour, a duet that echoes Central Park’s natural splendor and reimagines it within an oasis of refinement and style. These make up two of a carefully curated collection of fifteen Dedar fabrics handpicked by de Cárdenas for the project. Together, fabrics weave a tapestry of textures, patterns, and influences that breathe timeless elegance into the space.