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Potato Latkes topped with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

Potato Latkes topped with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

Potato Latkes topped with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

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New York Deli meets Hanukkah’s Star Dish, crispy potato lakes topped with velvety crème fraiche and salty smoked salmon and
caviar. This simple recipe will elevate your appetizer or brunch dishes.

3 Yukon gold potatoes shredded.
3 yellow onions shredded.
2 eggs beaten.
2 tsp of salt.
3 tsp of baking powder.
1 cup of flour.
1 tsp. white pepper.
¾ cup vegetable oil
1/2 lb. sliced smoked salmon.
2 oz. of caviar or salmon roe.

¼ cup Crème Fraiche (you can substitute for sour cream)
1 tsp of Salt
1 teaspoon lemon juice
¼ tsp. paprika.

Step 1: Mix the shredded potatoes and onions and transfer to a large kitchen towel and squeeze dry.
Step 2: In a bowl mix together the beaten eggs, salt, pepper, flour, baking powder, onion, and potatoes.
Step 3: In a large nonstick skillet heat the vegetable oil until it shimmers. Add 2 tablespoons
of the potato mixture to the pan and continue doing so until you have enough latkes without overcrowding the pan.
Step 4: Cook for about 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until brown and crispy. Take out the
latkes and place on a baking sheet. Repeat the process with the remaining potato mixture.
Step 5: For the sauce: mix the crème fraiche, lemon juice, paprika, chives and salt.
Step 6: Top each latke with the sauce, a slice of smoked salmon and caviar.
Step 7: Enjoy!!

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