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Maritimo’s New M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht

Maritimo’s New M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht

Queensland, Australia, July 2023 — Leading luxury motor yacht builder, Maritimo heralds the dawn of a new boat building and design with the highly anticipated global launch of its new flagship, the Maritimo M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht.
Following in the wake of its sister ship, the S75 Sedan, which celebrated its global launch at the 2023 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May, the true heir of the Maritimo linage, the M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht proudly assumes the throne as Maritimo’s latest leader of the fleet. Twenty years ago, Maritimo redefined the long-range cruising motor yacht concept with the inception of the legendary enclosed flybridge motor yacht, which it is recognized internationally for today. In that time, Maritimo has continually evolved and refined the flybridge motor yacht concept with close collaboration between its completely in-house Australian design team, and its growing family of Maritimo owners around the world.

Of all the Maritimo vessels that precede it, none have had the level of customer input or degree of design development as the M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht. This stunning vessel will set Maritimo apart from any other flybridge motor yacht on the international stage.

The proudly all-Australian designed and crafted M75 is the culmination of over 120,000 hours of dedication to research, design, and tooling by Maritimo’s world-leading craftspeople, with another 35,000 hours dedicated to each and every M75 build.

Maritimo is Australias leading builder of long-range luxury motor yachts for the world. Formed within the Australian island continent and its vast coastline, Maritimo has forged an international reputation. The company was founded by Australias most awarded boat builder, Bill Barry-Cotter, who this year celebrated 60 years of boat building excellence. Maritimo is built upon the principles of engineering excellence, build integrity, and design innovation. Hand built by the finest craftspeople, Maritimo offers luxury motor yachts of three distinctive series—the M-Series Flybridge, the S-Series Sedan, and the Offshore Series. Experience gained from the World Champion Maritimo Racing team infuses ocean proven endurance and unparalleled abilities in the water into every Maritimo.