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Looking for something unique? Consider Patented Design Jewelry By Katia Designs

Looking for something unique? Consider Patented Design Jewelry By Katia Designs

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There’s something about unique jewelry that makes it stand out above others. Anyone can make the same old things that people have seen for years, but it takes a special kind of jewelry designer to make something that turns heads and makes people feel something when they wear it. That’s what has set Katia Designs’ jewelry line apart and has helped her grow in leaps and bounds since opening. Her jewelry wasn’t made to fit in. It was created to stand out.

“Women need to have a voice and be able to use it as needed,” says Katia Rudnick, owner and jewelry designer at Katia Designs. “The days of being quiet and taking a back seat are behind us. We are emboldened and ready to show that to the world. My jewelry is a part of that movement.”

The Katia Designs jewelry line offers unique items people purchase for themselves and others as gifts. Many pieces help express one’s vibe, while others help share their mantra with the world. Still, others remind the person wearing it, allowing them to feel stronger, fierce, and able.

Katia Designs has a U.S. Patent for a design where a necklace can be worn in different ways using a magnetic clasp. The idea allows people to change the look of their necklace easily. Since it uses a magnetic clasp, it takes only seconds to change the look and length of the necklace.

Some popular themes in the jewelry line include the evil eyepeace and loveremembering who you arefollowing your heartanything is possiblekeep goinghave faithsurvivorpowerfulunstoppable, etc. The many inspirational and motivational messages that are a part of the jewelry resonate with the person wearing it, making it unique. The jewelry has meaning to those who give it and those who get it.

Wearing jewelry that will remind the wearer and others that “anything is possible,” “my thoughts create my reality,” or “I am strong” is a powerful thing. The messages are powerful and help women to be the strongest and best versions of themselves, to accept themselves for who they are, to strive for who they want to be, and not to give up.

Jewelry is a gift idea that never gets old and that most women will be happy with. It has long been associated with helping women to feel confident and remains one of the most loved items by women. According to Grand View Research, the global jewelry market is over $340 billion, with 16% of those sales online. In the U.S., the jewelry market is valued at $69 billion. The holiday season, as well as birthdays, are always popular times for jewelry gifts.

“If you want a truly unique gift for her this year, look at my line,” added Rudnick. “Most women will love the unique pieces in my collection. I have necklaces that will be the perfect match for her personality.”

Katia Designs’ versatile jewelry line includes layering necklaces, bracelets, and chains. The company has also expanded to include apparel and rings. Collections include saltwater healsspirit animalsspiritual AFflower powerzodiaccelestial, etc. A woman-owned company, Katia Designs is run by Katia and her husband Andrew, with an all female staff in a 5,000 square feet studio in South Florida. The elements in each piece offer an uplifting and spiritual message, reminding people of aspirations, powerful messages, goals, and missions and giving people a way to express themselves.

Katia Designs offers a complete line of handmade spiritual jewelry, including malas, chokers, fusion, danties, rings, layering necklaces, long chains, anklets, rosaries, fusion necklaces, and bracelets. The jewelry is sold online and in 50 boutiques in the U.S. and Canada. Half of all sales come from repeat customers. To view the Bohemian chic collection and learn more, visit the site at: or check out the video library.

About Katia Designs

Katia Designs is a collection of spiritual jewelry that speaks to the heart and brightens the day. Each piece of jewelry features an uplifting message and other components, such as gemstones, crystals, and more. Katia Designshas been granted a patent for a double-sided magnetic clasp that allows people to wear their necklaces in various ways. Located in South Florida, Katia Designs is owned by Katia Rudnick. To learn more, visit the site at: Follow us on FacebookInstagramTikTok, or YouTube.


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