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Japanese Aizu Golf Clubs by Honma

Japanese Aizu Golf Clubs by Honma

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Honma BERES Aizu 5-Star Golf Club

These clubs employ cutting-edge technologies to provide top-tier performance for golfers of all skill levels, from a novice looking to improve or a seasoned golf pro. With groundbreaking features such as carbon slot technology and meticulously hand-rolled graphite shafts, Honma ensures excellence in every aspect, from every inch to every ounce, and every fine detail in each club.

Opulence and performance combine with a traditional Aizu lacquer for the ultimate golf club experience of strength and beauty. Enjoy unmatched speed and control, giving your game exactly what you need to reach the next level. 24K gold and platinum can also be found in the ferrule of the shaft. $70,000 (depending on the number of clubs)


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