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ISG World Annual Miami Report Event: Q1 2024

ISG World Annual Miami Report Event: Q1 2024

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On Tuesday, April 23rd, Craig Studnicky, President and Founder of ISG World and RelatedISG, hosted an exclusive preview event for the 2024 Q1 Miami Report at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami. The presentation offered key insights into Miami’s current state, the impact of population growth, forecasts for the 2024 market, and a look into an aging condo inventory and the challenges older buildings face due to stricter regulations. Now in its 15th year, The Miami Report is an annual publication with quarterly updates, providing comprehensive coverage of Miami’s residential and commercial real estate markets. It has become the primary resource for industry professionals seeking data, research, and insights.

About ISG World

ISG World is a fully-integrated organization specializing in sales, marketing and research for the real estate development industry. The firm has represented some of the most prestigious developers and financial institutions in the country, providing tailor-made real estate marketing, sales, and administrative solutions. ISG World offers its network of real estate professionals and an extensive network of top national and international brokers. The team at ISG World has spent the past 30 years working alongside the world’s most talented architects and developers from across the globe, using its skills of research,data, sales, and marketing to assist their clients in the evolution of their brand ISG World is also known for its famedMiami Report, the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of South Florida’s residential market. Established in 2009, the Miami Report provides updates on the trends and opportunities existing in the various sectors of South Florida’s real estate market. It reflects the opportunity for investment and development in the market with a particular focus on the current inventory supply. It is an award-winning report that publishes quarterly information and statistics on the pre-construction and resale markets across South Florida. ISG World is recognized for providing tailor-made real estate marketing, sales and administrative solutions having sold over $12 billion in real estate across110 projects since 1992.

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