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Gaston Acurio’s Esteemed Restaurant Group Debuts Jarana, a New Peruvian Eatery in Aventura

Gaston Acurio’s Esteemed Restaurant Group Debuts Jarana, a New Peruvian Eatery in Aventura

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Globally recognized hospitality group, Acurio International, brings the celebratory spirit of Peru to Aventura with the opening of JARANA, an approachable yet modern Peruvian restaurant and pisco bar concept that deliciously fuses the colors and flavors of the South American country into one vibrant eatery. Following the successful launch of its first location in New Jersey in March 2023, JARANA Aventura, inclusive of an open-air kitchen restaurant, full bar and lounge area that highlights pisco cocktails, and an outdoor dining terrace, is now accepting reservations ahead of its open-to-the-public date of Monday, March 11. The concept-driven establishment, located at the Esplanade at Aventura, is poised to bring the rich, authentic cuisine and joyful spirit of Peruvian culture to South Florida’s culinary scene. JARANA is the first culinary concept Acurio International developed specifically for the U.S. market. The U.S.-based team of culinary and hospitality professionals designed JARANA to introduce the flavors of Peruvian cuisine to this country; the Florida market being the initial stage of its expansive growth plan for the newly developed brand.

JARANA, a Peruvian term for ‘spontaneous celebration’, lives up to its name by offering a festive dining experience that combines traditional Peruvian dishes with culinary influences from Japanese, Chinese, and Italian cultures. Guests can indulge in a variety of Peruvian classics, from fresh cebiches to fiery anticuchos, all crafted under the expert guidance of Chef Jesus Delgado, JARANA’S Corporate Executive Chef, as well as Aventura’s Executive Chef Martha Palacios. Delgado, with years of experience in Peruvian gastronomy, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture: “At JARANA, we’re creating a cultural bridge. Our menu is a canvas where the vibrant flavors of Peru dance with global culinary traditions, inviting our guests to a feast that’s both authentic and approachable.”

Each dish is a homage to Peruvian flavors and ingredients, presented in a casual, yet sophisticated and contemporary manner. Menu highlights include refreshing variations of “Cebiches & Tiraditos” such as Cebiche Nikkei made with tuna, cucumber, avocado, tamarindo and soy sauce leche de tigre; and Tiradito Bachiche featuring hamachi, parmesan, Leche de Tigre, avocado, chalaca, and olive oil. The “Nikkei Bar” offerings, like Mar & Tierra served with shrimp, rocoto batayaki, lomito saltado Nikkei, and amarillo cebichera combine Peruvian ingredients with Japanese techniques. Among the various “Causas,” a delicious, layered potato dish, is the Casera made with chicken, mayo, avocado, tomato, egg, and Huancaina sauce; while the “Piqueos” on the menu features Tuna Wantacos, three wonton tacos with Nikkei-style tuna tartare, avocado and aji amarillo sauce. “Anticuchos,” a common street snack in Peru of skewered, grilled meats and seafood, are served with roasted potatoes, Peruvian corn, rocoto and Huacatay herb sauces.

For entrees, guests are encouraged to order “From the Wok,” where Chinese influences and Peruvian cuisine beautifully meld in dishes like the popular Peruvian signature Lomo Saltado made with beef tenderloin sauteed with onion, tomato, aji, and potato, and served with rice.  Specialty items “From the Kitchen” capture the essence of Peruvian home-cooking like the Aji De Gallina—a delectable aji amarillo and pulled chicken stew; while those seeking a communal dining experience can order from “Las Jaranas,” family-style shareable dishes that everyone can enjoy such as the Pescado Frito Nikkei, featuring whole snapper deboned and fried, sweet and spicy nikkei sauce, bok choy, and white chaufa.

The brand’s playful ethos is palpably reflected in every aspect of JARANA, including the innovative offerings found in its cocktail program. The restaurant’s mixology is a testament to Peru’s renowned beverage culture, with pisco taking center stage. The sprawling and magnificent bar offers an extensive array of Pisco-based cocktails, alongside signature libations and a carefully curated selection of wines and beers. Mike Ryan, Corporate Director of Beverage at Acurio International, ensures that each cocktail is a unique experience, combining traditional flavors with modern presentations.

The design of JARANA – spanning 6,790 square feet – is a feast for the senses. Its open-air entrance, lively color palette, and original works-of-art murals create an inviting and dynamic atmosphere. The restaurant’s layout, accentuated with natural wood and stone elements, bold textiles, and dramatic lighting, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. An open dining room floor plan is accented by colorful basket lighting fixtures, fisherman rope and multiple life-size fine art murals. For a dazzling display of Peruvian cooking in its most authentic form, guests can easily view the restaurant’s fire area. A dancing glow of embers emanates from exposed grills and fire pits, putting on a show throughout the dining room as chefs showcase flaming anticuchos and Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken. The world-class bar is framed overhead by botijas that are used to store Peru’s most distinctive beverage, pisco. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, the space is warmed by lush vegetation and geometric patterning, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere for small and large gatherings. The restaurant space also has DJ capabilities for live DJ sets on select nights.

“Our Aventura location will be a vibrant hub where guests can savor the essence of Peru in every bite and every moment,” says Chef Palacios, whose vibrant career spans over two decades with Acurio International. The award-winning, Lima-born chef has seasoned her keen culinary skills in Japan and across South America, stirring up flavors in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile; and is now primed to helm the kitchen at JARANA Aventura.

JARANA will be open seven days a week at Esplanade at Aventura, located at 19505 Biscayne Blvd., Ste 5150, Aventura, FL 33180, adjacent to the Aventura Mall. For more information about JARANA and its upcoming opening in Aventura, please call 786.840.8840 or visit and follow along at @jarana.aventura

Initial Operating Hours;

  • Monday through Thursday, 5pm till closing, dinner only
  • Friday & Saturday, 1pm till closing, lunch & dinner
  • Sunday, 1pm to 9pm, lunch & dinner


JARANA, a dynamic and approachable restaurant concept, is a proud member of the Acurio International family, originally developed specifically for the U.S. market to introduce the flavors of Peruvian cuisine to the United States. Esteemed for bringing the eclectic and vibrant flavors of Peru to the global stage, JARANA extends this tradition by offering a rich tapestry of Peruvian culinary delights to the American dining landscape. With its roots deeply embedded in the cultural and gastronomic heritage of Peru, JARANA showcases an approachable yet authentic menu that embodies the spirit of Peruvian cuisine. Strategically located in the American Dream Mall in New Jersey and soon to be part of the Esplanade at Aventura, in South Florida, JARANA captures the essence of Peruvian dining culture. It offers a unique blend of comfort, joy, and culinary exploration. Each location is designed to reflect the lively, festive nature of a traditional Peruvian ‘jarana’ – a celebration marked by abundant food, soulful music, and spirited libations. The restaurant prides itself on its fusion of traditional Peruvian recipes with global culinary influences, particularly from Japanese, Chinese, and Italian cuisines, creating a dining experience that is both familiar and intriguing. The beverage program at JARANA is a cornerstone of the dining experience, with a particular emphasis on pisco, Peru’s national spirit. The selection includes classic Peruvian pisco cocktails alongside a thoughtful assembly of wines and local craft beers, all chosen to complement the vibrant flavors of the dishes. Open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, drinking and late-night dining, the lively atmosphere creates an inviting space where guests can enjoy the best of Peruvian hospitality and cuisine. For more information, please visit


Acurio International, a subsidiary of Acurio Restaurantes of acclaimed chef Gastón Acurio, oversees the design, development, and management of multiple restaurant concepts, striving to deliver Gastón Acurio’s company vision; to introduce the culinary flavors of Peruvian cuisine to the world’s gastronomic stage. Launched in the United States in 2008 with the opening of La Mar Cocina Peruana in San Francisco, Acurio International has since opened restaurants in Chicago, Miami, and internationally in Barcelona, Dubai, Doha, and more. Its latest brand, Jarana, aims to introduce approachable Peruvian cuisine to the heart of America. A subsidiary of Acurio Restaurantes with headquarters in Lima, Peru, Acurio International and Acurio Restaurantes have collectively created more than a dozen restaurant brands and operate over 70 venues in 10 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.