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Echoes of Elysium

Echoes of Elysium

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Embark on Jennifer JL Jones’ ethereal journey in “Echoes of Elysium” exhibition where abstract sensibilities harmonize with nature’s essence in a new series of mixed media paintings.  


Jennifer JL Jones’s “Echoes of Elysium” art exhibition, opening on March 7, 2024, from 6 – 9 pm at New River Fine Art is a masterful testament to the artist’s profound connection with nature. Jones offers more than a conventional art exhibition; the new artwork embodies a profound and harmonious dialogue between the artist and the natural world she passionately interprets on canvas. The vibrant hues she employs mirror the spectrum of colors found in nature’s cornucopia of blooming floral, from the soft pastels of a springtime garden to the fiery reds of autumn leaves.


At the heart of Jennifer JL Jones’ “Echoes of Elysium” lies a thematic undercurrent of how we continually interpret relationships—a dynamic interplay between individuals, emotions, and the shared experiences that bind us collectively and separately.  Jones captures the essence of these relationships through a harmonious fusion of form and color, painting a visual symphony that mirrors the ebb-and-flow of nature and human connection, one that reaches beyond the present.


An academic exploration that delves into the multidimensional facets of Jones’ artistry, “Echoes of Elysium” present an opportunity for the artist to interweave the philosophical notion of embracing relationships (past and present), with a personal growth that traverses a metaphysical threshold.  Jones embarks upon a profound artistic journey that converges the concepts of Elysian paradigms, epic odysseys, and the intricate harmonies of botanical rhapsodies. The abstract floral canvases function as portals to an enigmatic realm—a harmonious convergence of nature’s sublime beauty and profound inner contemplation.


“As you immerse yourself in her works, you’ll find yourself transported to the heart of lush abstract gardens, where every stroke and shade pays homage to the intricate beauty of the world’s evergreen splendors,” says Lisa Burgess, President, New River Fine Art.


Through ethereal landscapes and transcendent color palettes, Jones invites viewers to contemplate a higher plane of existence—a realm beyond the mundane and superficial, where human experience exceeds the limitations of the physical world. In doing so, she sparks a conversation about the limitless potential for growth and transformation that resides within everyone.


Media Contact: Interviews with Jennifer JL Jones can be arranged by contacting, Gabriel Delgado, Operations Director at New River Fine Art | Phone: (954) 524-2100 | Email: | Website: High-resolution images and additional press materials are available upon request.


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