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DuBlasé Whiskey Introduces New Seasonal Summer Spritz Cocktail

DuBlasé Whiskey Introduces New Seasonal Summer Spritz Cocktail

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The official summer solstice has come and gone, and Independence Day just wrapped up, which can only mean one thing– Summer 2022 is in full effect. Whether you’re vacationing in Europe this Summer, enjoying a relaxed day on Miami Beach, relishing in the sun at your local golf & country club, or day brunching with friends, DuBlasé whiskey’s new spritz cocktail is perfect for any Summer occasion.

DuBlasé is a premium whiskey brand that has built up strong notoriety in the spirits sector over the last year. The 3x award-winning whiskey brand is perfectly enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in one of its signature cocktail recipes.


From Garden parties to sun-setting rooftop events, your go-to cocktail this Summer should be the DuBlasé Spritz— It’s the perfect signature cocktail from DuBlasé whiskey. This alluring summer beverage features Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine, and french elderflower liqueur, plus light agave, and lemon juice, offering a light & refreshing spin on the traditional spritz that every vacationer this summer is sure to enjoy.


If you are looking for the perfect signature summer cocktail, look no further than DuBlase Whiskey’s savory Spritz cocktail. It offers a satisfying and decadent taste that is equally satisfying and soothing thanks to its perfect blend of elderflower liqueur and prosecco. The mixologists at DuBlase whiskey formulated this new seasonal cocktail in an effort to capture the season’s true essence of citrus and refreshing flavors. In fact, staying true to the brand’s tropical Florida roots, a splash of light agave and freshly squeezed lemon juice are added, offering the perfect sweet and smooth flavor profile for any hot summer day.

Summer Spritz DuBlase Whiskey Signature Cocktail Ingredients:
DuBlasé Whiskey
Elderflower Liqueur
Lemon Juice
Light Agave
Soda Water (optional)
Lemon or Orange Wedge (optional)
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