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Discover the Art of Whiskey at JohnMartin’s

Discover the Art of Whiskey at JohnMartin’s

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Nestled on the iconic Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, JohnMartin’s is a quintessential Irish pub and watering hole founded in 1989 by John Clarke and Martin Lynch. John and Martin were childhood friends from Killinkere parish in northwest Dublin who moved to Miami in the late 1980s. The restaurant was modeled after their beloved neighborhood pubs from their homeland and quickly became a beloved gathering place that helped revitalize Miracle Mile. 

Redesigned and reopened in the fall of 2022 under Breakwater Hospitality Group, the updated venue welcomes diners with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic rooted in the original founders’ heritage and a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel they belong. The restaurant offers a thoughtfully curated selection of whiskey, craft beer and other spirits alongside a classic menu of authentic Irish and American fare with global influences. 

At the heart of JohnMartin’s Irish Pub boasts an extensive collection of over 400 premier whiskies, making it one of the most expansive collections of whiskies in Miami. From rare and sought-after bottles to regional favorites and distillery classics, the whiskey program hosts exclusive tasting events and masterclasses led by seasoned sommeliers along with whiskey flights so guests can explore different types of whisky. 

 The pub welcomes guests to discover the world of whiskey with its exclusive JohnMartin’s Whiskey Book. This remarkable collection invites readers to savor each sip and cherish the stories and memories that accompany them. Whether a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, it offers a flavorful journey that celebrates craftsmanship and tradition. 

For whiskey lovers, the JohnMartin’s Whiskey Society is an invite-only exclusive club. Catering to those with a passion for quality spirits and bespoke experiences, this private society comes with a plethora of benefits including personal whiskey lockers, members-only experiences, prioritized dining service, and other perks. The society welcomes individual members as well as corporate members.

JohnMartin’s Irish Pub is more than just a place to enjoy a meal or a drink; it is a community hub where history, tradition, and camaraderie converge. Whether you’re indulging in a hearty Irish meal or exploring the vast whiskey collection, JohnMartin’s offers an unparalleled experience that pays homage to its founders’ vision. JohnMartin’s continues to be a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

JohnMartin's Irish Pub & Restaurant