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Crafting Aquatic Masterpieces: Meet Lead Designer, Carli Pino with Endless Summer Pools

Crafting Aquatic Masterpieces: Meet Lead Designer, Carli Pino with Endless Summer Pools

Endless Summer Pools by Carli Pino

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In the world of elegant design and architectural marvels, one name shines brightly: Carli Pino, the lead designer at Endless Summer Pools of Florida Inc. With a passion for architecture and an unwavering commitment to pool design, Carli has carved a unique niche in the industry. Elegant design and highly functional architecture are more than just a profession for Carli; they are a way of life. From the very beginning of her career, these two passions intertwined to create the foundation of her identity. Carli spent a significant portion of her early years dedicating herself to architectural design, specifically focusing on high-rise buildings. However, in recent years, her journey took an exciting and unexpected turn toward pool design.

Carli Pino, Lead Designer - Endless Summer Pools
Carli Pino, Lead Designer – Endless Summer Pools

Carli’s Passion for Pools
Carli’s love for pool design goes beyond aesthetics. She believes that a well-designed pool can elevate the overall experience of its owner. To her, it’s about creating a space that evokes a “wow” factor, allowing people to connect with their outdoor environment in ways they never imagined. Her greatest aspiration is for others to feel the same passion and joy while using the pool as she did designing it. For Carli, pool design isn’t just a profession; it’s a calling. She has discovered a deep connection to this field and can’t imagine any other profession.  When she combines her architectural expertise, passion for design, and innate creativity, the possibilities for the pools she designs are truly endless.

Endless Pools, By Carli Pino



How did you discover your passion for architectural design and pool design? Can you share a defining moment in your career journey?
I discovered my love for architecture when I was 13 years old while on a trip to Paris with my grandmother. She noticed I would start sketching buildings while we were on tours (I always loved to draw everywhere I went). She asked me if designing buildings would be something I’d like to do when I grew up. My eyes lit up in disbelief that it was possible for me to do that—and the rest is history. Pools were always one of my favorite things as a child. On family vacations, the first thing I wanted to see was how “cool” the hotel pool was—that automatically determined how much fun the vacation would be. During COVID, God led me on a completely unexpected journey. He put a dear family friend in my path, the owner of Endless Summer Pools, and he happened to need a designer when I was between jobs. All it took was my first project to know this was my calling. During a very difficult time in my life, designing pools saved my heart and soul in so many ways. You know what they say, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.” I never believed in that until now.

What inspires your creative process when designing pools? Are there any specific elements or themes that you often incorporate into your designs?
When I meet with a client, discussing their vision, budget and favorite places to vacation are all important factors I take into consideration. I then love walking through the home, taking in the architecture, materials, finishes and, in most cases, creating a way to tie the interior and exterior living spaces together. The outdoor areas should be an extension of the home.

What do you believe sets your pool designs apart from others in the industry? Are there any signature styles or features you incorporate into your work?
My 17 years of professional experience in the architecture industry plays a huge role. Working and designing for many high-end architects and developers in Miami, as well as hospitality brands, I only know how to do this job one way. For all my pool design proposals, my clients receive a full-scaled floor plan, materials, inspiration mood board, realistic 3D renderings and a virtual video rendering of their new backyard oasis. I love including “framed” views through windows from within the home of specific design elements I incorporated in the pool that I want to highlight.

How do you approach the balance between aesthetics and functionality in your pool designs?
Balancing aesthetics and functionality in pool design involves considering both the visual appeal and the practical use of the space. The pool should complement the overall design and architecture of the property. This involves considering the shape, size and positioning in relation to the sun’s axis and landscape contour. Safety is also a big factor. For example, if my client has small children, I take that into account before adding certain features with sharp corners. The recreational use of the pool is also very important. Whether my client wants to swim laps, play volleyball, have a party pool with a swim-up bar or create a Zen retreat determine the function of the pool. Lastly, materials play a big role, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for durability, maintenance and safety.

Can you share any upcoming trends or innovations in pool design that you find exciting or noteworthy?
I have recently been exploring different options and profiles for pool coping—there are so many new materials and details that can be done. I think the pool coping is one of the most important design elements of the pool. Think of it like picking trim for cabinetry or molding and baseboards for a room.

What advice would you give to aspiring pool designers or individuals looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with a pool. As Coco Chanel always said, “Less is always more.” For example, you don’t need four types of water features in your pool to make it beautiful. I try to only stick with one, maybe two types if that. I like to keep it timeless, classic and minimal.

Infinite Possibilities
Carli’s journey in pool design is a testament to the boundless creativity and dedication she brings to her work. Her designs are aquatic masterpieces that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Her attention to detail, innovative ideas, and commitment to perfection make her a true visionary in the world of pool design. At Endless Summer Pools of Florida Inc., Carli’s designs have left an indelible mark, transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking retreats. Her clients not only get a pool but also a piece of art that enhances their lives and homes.

For questions or to design your pool, contact Carli.
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Endless Summer Pools by Carli Pino

Endless Pools, By Carli Pino

Carli Pino - Endless Summer Pools

Carli Pino - Endless Summer Pools