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Brain, Body and Beauty – Casa Privée is the lux one-stop shop for ultimate wellness

Brain, Body and Beauty – Casa Privée is the lux one-stop shop for ultimate wellness

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In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Miami’s Brickell, a hidden oasis that brings serenity and calm can be found in Casa Privée. The luxurious wellness center caters to clients seeking exclusiveness for overall wellness, neuropsychiatry, addiction treatments and provides anti-aging benefits through unique and rare scientific technologies. 

World-renowned Dr. Bankole Johnson, the founder of Casa Privée, concentrates on natural force to zero in on brain health, body and beauty. As one of the leading neuroscientists and physicians in the world, who also has received an honor from Queen Elizabeth II for his medical service in the United Kingdom, he focuses on brain health as the driver for mental health and total body wellness. 

The facility offers a unique and advanced high technology-driven approach to medicine. Simply, it’s “Time Travel in Medicine.” From treating addiction, insomnia, depression and anxiety to hydrafacials, IV-treatments and cryotherapy, Casa Privée uses some of the rarest forms of technology for treatment all under one roof.

In fact, the center’s ThetaChamber is one of only a handful in the world. The FDA-cleared Theta technology found in the machine is also used by NASA and uses non-invasive modalities such as vestibular motion, binaural beats, cranial-electrotherapy stimulation and eye movement desensitization reprogramming. It’s designed to bring the brain into a Theta state which throws off the brain’s natural sense of time and space while enhancing the flow of a person’s biomagnetic field, which ultimately is equivalent to three days of sleep in 30 minutes!

Below are additional services and treatments offered:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  • HBOT helps moderate the effects of traumatic brain injuries, recover faster from concussions and speed up recovery associated with sprains, tears and bone fractures. 


  • Delivers temperatures below -200 degrees Fahrenheit which helps accelerate tissue repair by improving circulation, clearing toxins from the body and helping to boost the immune system.

Red Light Therapy: 

  • Helps accelerate muscle repair and restores motion to joints supporting athletic performance and recovery. It also promotes skin anti-aging and serves as an adjunct therapy for weight loss.

Hyper T pro (Superhuman protocol):

  • Combines red light therapy with hyperthermia (up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit) to deliver greater physical endurance and stamina while providing anti-aging benefits. 


  • Offers non-invasive body shaping with heat and magnetic energy simultaneously. It reduces fat and improves muscle growth. A 30-minute workout is equivalent to 25,000 sit-ups!

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): 

  • Treats major depressive disorder in adult patients who failed to receive improvement from prior antidepressant medications.

Custom-made IV Nutrition Therapy:

  • Delivers high doses of potent vitamins and nutrients and can also improve mental clarity and cognitive function.

Dr. Johnson and staff look forward to welcoming you! 1395 Brickell Ave Suite 200, Miami, FL 33131

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