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Beyond the Surface with Manny Varas, MV Group USA

Beyond the Surface with Manny Varas, MV Group USA

MV Group USA / Manny Varas - CEO

As Featured in Luxury Guide 2024 print edition

MV Group USA: Redefining Luxury Home Building

Casa Palma

Founded in 2007 by visionary President and CEO Manny Angelo Varas, MV Group USA has swiftly become one of the most renowned home builders in South Florida. With a commitment to client-inspired innovation and a track record of delivering award-winning projects, this Miami-based company has solidified its position and reputation among the top builders and general contractors for homes over $6 million in Florida. From custom homes to commercial properties and interior buildouts, MV Group USA has mastered the art of luxury construction.

MV Group USA has achieved remarkable milestones, accumulating as the company’s prowess in the high-end real estate market has grown. In 2021 alone, MV Group USA listed a waterfront estate for a staggering $18.5 million shortly after successfully selling another for an impressive $20 million. Today, MV Group manages more than $100 million in active projects, with an additional $100 million in the pipeline.

MV Group USA’s reputation for excellence has not gone unnoticed, attracting a discerning clientele that includes Fortune 500 CEOs, prominent real estate developers, celebrities, major athletes and even foreign leaders. Such high-profile individuals are drawn to MV Group USA not only for its unmatched craftsmanship but also for its invaluable partnerships with luxury brands like Armani Casa, Paramount and Brickell House, among others. This collaboration has led to the creation of extraordinary properties in Miami, Key Biscayne, Fort Lauderdale and other areas of South Florida.

What sets MV Group USA apart is its unwavering commitment to personalization. As the tagline suggests, it is “Built around you.” Each project is tailor-made to reflect the client’s unique outlook and vision. This dedication to understanding and fulfilling clients’ dreams has earned MV Group USA the prestigious #2 rank among the best residential contractors, according to BuildZoom in 2017. With hundreds of completed projects, exclusive builds and condo renovations, MV Group USA’s portfolio speaks for itself. But it is not just the numbers that impress; unparalleled quality and attention to detail truly set the firm apart. The company’s approach involves assembling an all-star team of designers and architects who work collaboratively to not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations. Furthermore, MV Group USA is mindful of its clients’ budgets, ensuring that the result is not just spectacular but also financially feasible.

Looking toward the future, MV Group USA is poised to continue redefining luxury home building in the United States at the forefront of opulence, ingenuity and client-centric design. With its visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, MV Group USA is undoubtedly set to leave an indelible mark on the world of luxury home building. So, whether you’re a celebrity, a business tycoon or someone with an extraordinary vision, MV Group USA is ready to turn your dream home into an awe-inspiring reality.


Did you always envision creating this widely successful business? 
When I founded MV Group USA in 2007, my goal was to establish the preeminent ultra-luxury building firm in America. The process involves analyzing each property in deep detail to create the finest, most unique designs. This endeavor involves close collaboration with the world’s top architects and designers, all while meticulously considering the cost implications of every design choice. With unwavering dedication, we’ve executed some of the most intricate projects in Florida and, looking ahead, throughout the United States.

Casa Costanera – Manny’s own home, sold for a record $16m in 2021

MV Group USA has earned a reputation as one of Florida’s top luxury home builders. What key principles do you attribute to the company’s success in delivering award-winning projects? 
We have achieved remarkable success through a transparent process that outlines each project’s expectations, timelines, and comprehensive collaborations with designers and architects. This approach ensures not only the achievement of design objectives but also the creation of enduring value within the property. We go beyond mere spaces, crafting residences that offer an all-encompassing experience thanks to unique and architecturally significant elements.

The real estate industry is constantly evolving. How does MV Group USA stay ahead of trends and maintain its status as a leader in the market? 
We consistently engage in innovative project ideation and actively pursue these concepts alongside the world’s foremost designers, including luminaries like Giorgio Armani. We aim to drive creativity toward shaping the future of the most exceptional homes in America and beyond.

Residences by Armani/Casa

With a clientele that includes Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities and foreign leaders, what unique challenges and opportunities do you encounter while building homes for such discerning clients? 
One of the most significant challenges we encounter stems from our clients’ frequent global travels throughout a project’s duration. This dynamic often leads to adjustments during the construction phase, influenced by their experiences in new hotels or cities. To tackle this, we hold weekly meetings to proactively address potential modifications and ensure seamless progress to complete projects on time and within budget.

MV Group USA prides itself on client-inspired innovation. Can you provide an example of a project where the client’s vision pushed the boundaries of creativity, and how did your team bring it to life? 
About a decade ago, we built rap artist Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach residence. When he expressed his desire for a shark pond, we ingeniously designed a glass elevator that seamlessly descends one foot into the pond, a stunning feature of his La Gorce Island home.

Your company has collaborated with prestigious brands like Armani Casa and Paramount. How do these partnerships enhance the quality and luxury of your properties? 
When collaborating with Giorgio Armani and Residences by Armani Casa as the exclusive U.S. construction and owner’s representative, we flew to Milan quarterly for two years. Based on meetings with Mr. Armani and his team, we translated their vision into precise constructability drawings and executed the concept in meticulous detail. This meant maintaining accuracy down to 1/32 of an inch, aligned with the highest standards for which the Armani brand is celebrated. We took pride in the finished product, and the collaboration helped elevate the attention to detail our team brings to every project.

Residences by Armani/Casa

Throughout the years, MV Group USA has amassed an impressive portfolio of projects. Could you highlight a few signature projects that hold a special place in your heart and why? 
Constructing Jeff Bezos’ family home in Journey’s End is a project that holds unique and sentimental significance for me, much like many others. Regrettably, many of our clients necessitate signing NDAs, preventing us from openly discussing their projects.

Journey’s End (Bezos images)

Personalization seems to be a cornerstone of MV Group USA’s approach. How do you ensure each project is uniquely tailored to reflect the client’s desires and lifestyle? 
Every project is a collaboration tailored to the client’s unique individual preferences. To execute the homeowner’s design vision, we curate a distinct team of top professionals for each client’s lifestyle, including designers and architects from around the globe. We have extensive meetings to get to know each client to learn how they want to live and feel in their home. We look for unexpected ways to enhance their daily lives, from the closets where they get dressed and the indoor and outdoor spaces where they entertain friends and family to the bedrooms where they unwind and recharge every night. Many clients have hobbies or collections that are fun to design around.

Journey’s End (Bezos images)

Building high-end waterfront estates comes with its own set of challenges. How does MV Group USA tackle environmental considerations and deliver properties that blend seamlessly with their surroundings? 
I hold a LEED AP designation from USGBC and prioritize sustainability and weatherproofing. During the design and pre-construction phase, we engage in discussions about enhancing the environmental efficiency of the home, a practice we implement in the majority of our projects. We implement design and construction solutions that protect homes (and the owner’s valuables like art and automobiles) from storms and flooding in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and timeless.

As an industry leader in luxury home building and real estate, your insights are invaluable. With 2024 approaching, many are curious about the future of the real estate market. What are your predictions or expectations for the real estate industry in 2024, and how do you envision MV Group USA navigating potential opportunities and challenges during that time? 
I believe the South Florida real estate market, particularly the ultra-luxury segment, has evolved into a global standout. With events like Formula 1 and soccer gaining prominence, South Florida has emerged as a year-round destination for the global elite. I see this as just the initial phase of our journey, as we remain substantially undervalued compared to other international markets like Monaco and New York City.

Journey’s End (Bezos images)

Looking toward the future, what exciting plans and goals does MV Group USA have in store, and what new frontiers do you aim to explore in the luxury real estate market? 

Our commitment to crafting the most distinctive projects in Florida remains unwavering. Presently, we’re collaborating with clients who trust us to construct their additional homes in diverse markets, including Aspen.

While the opulence and luxury of your creations are apparent on the surface, the journey to achieve such beauty demands relentless hard work, dedication and unwavering commitment. Manny discusses challenges, shares strategies and reveals his key to success.

What is the driving force behind your success?  
The driving force is my passion and intense love for building and creating spaces where people can relish moments and create cherished memories. To me, it’s not just work; it’s an enjoyable journey.

Do you have any mentors? If so, who? Why? 
I have a few mentors, but one who stands out is my friend Charles Sieger, the architect behind iconic structures like the Porsche Design Tower and Residences by Armani Casa. Our friendship grew during our collaboration on Terra Beachside in 2008. Charles instilled in me the importance of unwavering craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail—qualities that leave a lasting imprint. Our bond remains strong, and his influence continues to inspire my approach.

What is the key to your success?
I’m committed to upholding the core values MV Group was founded upon. We are passionate about fostering creativity and pioneering project innovation.

After all these years in business, you inevitably have faced a challenge or obstacle you had to overcome. Can you share one and how you overcame it to hopefully spare it from someone else?
As the owner of a business responsible for building homes that keep people safe, challenges and obstacles are part of each day. I’ve learned to be thorough in the earliest stages of each project, carefully pre-planning every element of the process and budget. Preventing problems is easier than fixing them, but inevitably, from time to time, things will change or go differently from how we intended. The key is to always be solution-focused and to improve from the experience.

What advice would you give to newcomers who are just starting out? 
Follow your passion and embrace continuous learning in the fields you love; success will naturally follow suit.


Name one building’s architectural or interior design that you are inspired by. 
I love the Aman hotels. The brand’s interior designs captivate me with their mood-setting and inspirational elements.Name one artist you are inspired by. 
I hold a personal admiration for Mr. Brainwash and his skillful use of textures in his art, resulting in each piece being unique.What are most people surprised to learn about you? 
Despite being born in Miami, I have a genuine fondness for country music.
When you’re not working, what do you like to do? 
Boating, skiing and being outdoors.
If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be? 
Elon Musk. I love his focus, determination and the innovation he continues to bring to the world.
If you could design anyone’s home, who would it be? 
George Clooney. I think he has an incredible design style.

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