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BERES Lady Go Golf Set-Limited Edition by Honma

BERES Lady Go Golf Set-Limited Edition by Honma

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The Honma BERES Lady Go set commemorates the brand’s 65th anniversary and arrives ready-to-go with a 10-piece game-improvement set. Available in a limited production, the clubs are made and assembled at the Honma factory in Sakata, Japan. They’re ideal for lady golfers who want to improve their skills, those with a strong commitment to scoring, and beginners who want to begin playing golf in style with top-quality clubs that can help them improve quickly.

All clubs are configured with the same design model, allowing you to hit with the same tempo and feel, making mishits less likely. This perfect package also includes a matching cart bag, headcover, tote bag and shoes case – all accented in a beautiful blue hue.

Available for immediate delivery. MSRP $3,000.



Honma Lady Go Golf Set