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94 Point Non-Alcoholic Wine Stunner

94 Point Non-Alcoholic Wine Stunner

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Prima Pavé’s Rosé Brut Is Award Winning!

Prima Pavé’s Rosé Brut received 94 points at the International Wine and Spirits Competition held in London, the highest score ever awarded to a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé wine blend.

The judge’s official tasting note states: “Scents of warm stone fruit and rose, with flavours of cantaloupe, roasted pumpkin seeds, tea, and peach skin. Balanced juicy fruit and savoury elements with good complexity.”

Prima Pavé’s Rosé Brut is part of a collection of alcohol-free sparkling wines including Blanc de Blancs and Rosé Dolce handcrafted in Northern Italy with 0.0% alcohol and no sugar or chemicals added.

“While most alcohol-free sparkling wines use primarily one-note Chardonnay, our wines are expertly blended from elegant Italian grape varietals to create an orchestra of flavors,” states Dejou Marano, co-founder of Prima Pavé with her husband, “They are complex and delicious, crafted to be well-balanced and exceptionally food-friendly.”

“We are thrilled to be awarded 94 Points. It demonstrates what is possible in terms of quality and a terroir-driven flavor profile in the alcohol-free wine world. We are excited to continue pushing the envelope and changing the perception of what non-alcoholic wines can achieve in terms of quality.” adds Marco Marano.

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