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Miami Residence by Landry Design Group Wins Gold Nugget Merit Award

Miami Residence by Landry Design Group Wins Gold Nugget Merit Award

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Landry Design Group (LDG) was recognized for five projects throughout the U.S. by the Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference (PCBC) at its award ceremony on June 19, 2024 in Anaheim, California. The PCBC’s Gold Nugget Awards is the oldest and most respected design awards competition in the nation, with honors presented annually to world-class innovators in design, planning and development. One LDG-designed home, located in Monterey, CA, received a Grand Award, and an additional four, including the Miami Residence, were honored with Merit Awards.

The five award-winning homes by LDG could not be more different, highlighting the firm’s versatility in working with disparate properties and executing diverse architectural styles. With sites in coastal California, rural Montana and tropical South Florida, the recognized designs also addressed challenges unique to dramatically different environments. However, all the homes share an elegant sense of drama that makes them particularly memorable, both in terms of aesthetics and spatial experiences. This year’s recognition by the PCBC continues a remarkable series of achievements for LDG, which has now garnered 90 coveted Gold Nugget Awards. While the firm is well known for its meticulously proportioned, classically-inspired designs, its 2024 collection of Gold Nugget Award winners reflects a portfolio increasingly comprised of dramatic expressions of modernism, as well as hybrid projects that blend traditional and contemporary styles.

GOLD NUGGET 2024 Merit Award Winner

Miami Residence

Miami, FL | 21,400 SF

Rendering Courtesy of Landry Design Group

For a coveted waterfront site in Miami, LDG conceived a luxury residence that would maximize the quintessential South Florida location. The design demonstrates the ability of modern aesthetics to work in concert with the natural environment, rather than confronting it. The main-level living areas are elevated several feet above grade to mitigate flood risks in a city where rising sea levels are more than just theory. Additionally, breakaway walls specifically engineered to yield under extreme hydraulic pressure are integrated into the home’s ground level. Showcasing Miami’s tropical ambiance, water features, indigenous trees and raised courtyard planters create a feeling of an intimate garden oasis. This theme is reprised throughout the home, where generously landscaped gardens, decks or balconies reinforce a constant interaction between interior spaces and the natural environment. Interiors were inspired by modern Balinese aesthetics, which provide a warm, inviting atmosphere enhanced by natural materials and lush greenery. The layout separates the different functional spaces into distinct “blocks,” interconnected with bridges and greenery. Expansive glass walls capture panoramic views of the water and the city skyline. Entertaining is accommodated by a dramatic raised pool with transparent, water-view wall, as well as a rooftop garden and recreation area.



About Landry Design Group

For Los Angeles-based Landry Design Group (LDG), each house is crafted to respond to clients’ lifestyles, an approach to design that draws upon their inspirations and aspirations. As a result, every house by the firm features a unique, highly personalized character. Known for meticulous interpretations of traditional European styles, bold expressions of modernism and a unique hybrid approach that harmonizes disparate themes, LDG’s continued efforts to produce exceptional residential designs have been recognized with 90 Gold Nugget Awards to date.

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