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Manhattan Laser Spa: Look Good, Feel Good

Manhattan Laser Spa: Look Good, Feel Good

Self-Care is NOT Selfish.

Fifty is the new 30. Or is it: 40 is the new 20? Whatever the case, these days men and women are prioritizing self-care–and are looking better and better as they age. We now understand that self-care is not selfish. If fact, it is vital to our mental and physical health.

Manhattan Laser Spa is a full-service center with trained professionals who can help you look better and feel better. They have a full range of services that cover the entire body, from head to toe. Laser hair removal, microneedling, injectables, and Botox are just the beginning. Manhattan Laser Spa also specializes in cool sculpting and emscuplting. Emsclupting is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their bodies. Cleared by the FDA, it builds and strengthens muscles–one 30-minute session is equal to 20,000 squats or sit-ups. This is technology at its best. And don’t forget about the relaxing Cedar Tree Sauna and the extensive portfolio of massages available–from hot stone to deep tissue to facial massages, find a full list here.

What sets Manhattan Laser Spa apart is the attention clients receive. Before you start a treatment, you can get a full facial analysis to help pinpoint problem areas. From there, a plan is carefully crafted, creating a priority list of must-haves vs. nice-to-have treatments as well as a proactive skincare regimen for the future. The professionals at Manhattan Laser Spa are all about customization to meet each client’s needs.

And the special treatment doesn’t stop there. For parents, there is a Kids Center on-site so that the little ones are entertained during consultations and treatments.

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