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*Julia & Henry’s: A Fusion of Artistic Flair and Gastronomic Genius

*Julia & Henry’s: A Fusion of Artistic Flair and Gastronomic Genius

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The Downtown Miami culinary and entertainment destination, Julia & Henry’s, is not only a delight for the taste buds with its impressive roster of award-winning chefs, but also a feast for the eyes with 26 uniquely designed culinary concepts housed within a stunning three-story atrium space.

Located on 200 East Flagler Street, this historic landmark was redeveloped by Daniel Pena Giraldi of Stambul—going above and beyond the historic preservation code outlined by the Miami-Dade County Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) to scrupulously preserve every historically significant component of this iconic 7-level 1936 property.

Daniel Peña Giraldi is no stranger to historic building preservation and embarked on this project with a mission in mind: to revive the past and build the future of Downtown by reinstating the notoriety of Flagler Street to become the center of activity it once was. “Historic buildings are cultural artifacts that tell a story of our past, and we have a responsibility to preserve and adapt them for the future. Preservation is not about turning back the clock” remarks Pena Giraldi. “It’s about finding ways to make historic buildings relevant to modern needs while maintaining their historical significance.”—And that’s exactly what he accomplished with Julia & Henry’s: Once a community beacon with an 88-foot soda fountain and separate ice cream parlor located on Main Street of the burgeoning city of Miami; today an all-day entertainment and culinary destination for locals and tourists alike serving as a catalyst of the revitalization of Downtown.

Julia & Henry’s is a stunning example of Streamline Moderne architecture, which emerged in the 1930s representing the last phase of the Art Deco era. Pena Giraldi meticulously maintained the aerodynamic design, long horizontal lines and curving forms typical of that style. The heart of Julia & Henry’s is an impressive three-story atrium space resembling that of a cruise ship—and that is by design. Even the façade of the building resembles a large sea vessel, as Charles Walgreen, the original owner, was a cruise ship enthusiast. All design elements play off this unique curvature: the arches that frame the atrium space, the elongated oval table anchoring the center of the grandiose dining room and even the semi-circular, three-story tall wine tower that serves as the wow-worthy focal point as you make your grand entrance through the main doors.

No detail was left to chance. Pena Giraldi even tried every single food vendor within the property to strategically select the perfect mix of culinary concepts that represent the global community of Downtown Miami—And he wanted each eatery to offer an unparalleled experience, not just in terms of the cuisine, but also in atmosphere and ambiance. To bring this vision to fruition, each chef was paired with an in-house interior designer from the development team, forming an artistic duo that worked hand-in-hand to bring their food concepts to life in a way that was truly exceptional.

The result is a transcendent collaboration between chef and designer; a seamless fusion of gastronomic genius and artistic flair that embodies the unique vision and personality of each chef and their culinary concept. As guests embark on a gastronomic journey, every bite is savored amidst an eclectic collection of design elements from 26 different concepts—a metaphor of the vibrant tapestry of the city’s cultural landscape.

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