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Celebrate Peruvian Culinary Tradition at JARANA in Aventura, Florida

Celebrate Peruvian Culinary Tradition at JARANA in Aventura, Florida

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With its roots deeply embedded in the cultural and gastronomic heritage of Peru, JARANA showcases an approachable yet authentic menu that embodies the spirit of Peruvian cuisine. Located at the Esplanade at Aventura in Aventura, Florida, JARANA captures the essence of Peruvian dining culture. It offers a unique blend of comfort, joy, and culinary exploration.

JARANA is designed to reflect the lively, festive nature of a traditional Peruvian ‘jarana’ – a celebration marked by abundant food, soulful music, and spirited libations. The restaurant prides itself on its fusion of traditional Peruvian recipes with global culinary influences, particularly from Japanese, Chinese, and Italian cuisines, creating a dining experience that is both familiar and intriguing.

The beverage program at JARANA is a cornerstone of the dining experience, with a particular emphasis on Pisco, Peru’s national spirit. The selection includes classic Peruvian Pisco cocktails alongside a thoughtful assembly of wines and local craft beers, all chosen to complement the vibrant flavors of the dishes.

The lively atmosphere creates an inviting space where guests can enjoy the best of Peruvian hospitality and cuisine. JARANA was developed by the team at Acurio International, a subsidiary of Acurio Restaurantes.