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Celebrity Chef Alejandro Najar Shares Recipe: 1000 Layer Potato at The Butcher’s Cellar

Celebrity Chef Alejandro Najar Shares Recipe: 1000 Layer Potato at The Butcher’s Cellar

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Shared by: Chef Alejandro Najar

Hell’s Kitchen Chef Alejandro Najar shares his recipe for the 1000-layer potato. On the menu at The Butcher’s Cellar in Waco, Texas, the 1000-Layer Potato with crème fraiche, trout roe, and chive is the perfect recipe for those looking for a unique dish for their next Summer gathering.


  • 8 Idaho potatoes 
  • ¼ pound of melted butter
  • salt to taste 
  • Potato starch 
  • ½ cup creme fraiche 
  • 2tbsp thinly sliced chives 
  • .5 oz trout roe 


  1. Thinly slice all your potatoes and coat them in melted butter. Grab a deep baking dish and start layering your potatoes. Once a layer is assembled, lightly sprinkle your potato starch over it and then season lightly with salt.
  2. Repeat this process until the baking dish is about half-full. Bake the 1000-layer in the iven at 350 degrees for about an hour. Check the middle with a knife; if it slides through like softened butter, then you’re good to go!
  3. Press your 1000-layer potatoes over night to develop those layers and compact the potatoes so they hold their shape for the fryer. To do so, take the same-sized baking dish or one that’s slightly small and place it on top of the potatoes. Weigh it down with some heavy canned food or whatever you have lying around. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed so your 1000 layers can come out even!
  4. Let them sit overnight! The next day, pop your 1000-layer potato out of the pan and cut it into squares, logs, or any size you’d like. Deep fry them or cook them in a pan with butter!
  5. Add your creme fraiche to a bowl and garnish it with your trout roe and chives. Dip your 1000 layers into this amazing dip and enjoy. 


The Butcher’s Cellar is a sophisticated restaurant and bar in Waco, Texas.

13701 Woodway Dr., BLDG #5, Woodway, TX 76712



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