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Art on the Water

Art on the Water

  • Yachts that double as aquatic masterpieces
Pershing 6X

The 6X is the newest member of Pershing’s Generation X series of sleek sport yachts, with a bolder stance complemented by an audacious emphasis on speed. The big aft sun pad and large lounge, each fitted with a reclining backrest, clearly convey that this Italian-built yacht is for chasing sunshine. A large opening sunroof over the helm, where carbon fiber enhances the control panels and wheel, conveys a similar feeling. Luxurious touches like lacquered wood furnishings, parquet flooring, and leathers from Poltrona Frau and Mastrotto accentuate the allure too. Equally striking, horizontal LED bars overhead add to the décor.

LENGTH: 62 ft., 2 in.
BEAM: 15 ft., 9 in.
DRAFT: 4 ft., 9 in.
ACCOMMODATIONS: 2 staterooms
ENGINES: Twin 1,500-mhp MAN V12 engines
TOP SPEED: 48 knots

Dynamiq Stefania
Dynamiq Stefania

The head-turning gold paint on her exterior surfaces is your first hint that Stefania strives for glamor. And glamorous she is, with an art deco interior that the owner created with Miami-based designer Giuseppina Arena. Since the yacht is the first delivery in Dynamiq’s GTT 135 series, the shipyard can build you your own version, with remarkable flexibility for the interior and exterior designs. In fact, you can choose exclusive furnishings from the Bentley Home collection—materials and finishes that characterize the famed brand’s luxury cars. You can also request special helm accoutrements from German luxury car outfitter Klassen.

LENGTH: 134 ft., 5 in.
BEAM: 26 ft., 11 in.
DRAFT: 5 ft., 9 in.
ACCOMMODATIONS: 5 staterooms
ENGINES: Twin 1,650-hp MAN V12 engines
TOP SPEED: 21 knots

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